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Information Sources

Water Environment Federation

Formed in 1928, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with 32,000 individual members and 80 affiliated Member Associations, representing an additional 50,000 water quality professionals throughout the world. WEF and its member associations work to achieve their mission of preserving and enhancing the global water environment. The website contains news, articles, and educational information on water quality.

The American Waterworks Association

The American Waterworks Association (AWWA) is a non-profit organization that serves drinking water professionals in the U.S. and increasingly around the world. AWWA is active in education, public communication, technical conferences, and research on water issues. The website contains news, research, and extensive resources for water systems managers.

Water is Life

Water Is Life and Infrastructure Makes It Happen™ is an education and outreach program of a growing alliance of water and wastewater organizations, businesses, and environmental and public health professionals, dedicated to helping communities envision, build, maintain and improve life-sustaining water and wastewater systems. Water Is Life and Infrastructure Makes It Happen™ aims to inform the general public, ratepayers, opinion leaders and elected officials about the following:

The value of water in sustaining and enhancing life

The role of water infrastructure in delivering clean, safe water to our homes and businesses

The role of wastewater infrastructure in cleaning water and safely returning it to the environment to be used again

Water Tech Online

 The site and publications were developed for professionals in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment

Water World

Home page of WaterWorld Magazine, Industrial WaterWorld and Water & Wastewater International - an online news and technology source serving engineers, managers, and consultants in the Water/Wastewater Industry Worldwide.