S-Network Benchmark Indexes

Index History

as of 03-20-2020


Index Constituents
as of 03-20-2020

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
1 HK Ck Hutchison Holding Ltd Hong Kong Industrials 0.0567877
101 HK Hang Lung Properties Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.011826
11 HK Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.0411365
1113 HK CK Asset Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0422092
1128 HK Wynn Macau Macau Consumer Discretionary 0.0071347599999999995
12 HK Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0166328
1299 HK Aia Group Ltd Hong Kong Financials 0.3337941
144 HK China Merchants Port Holdings Co Ltd Hong Kong Industrials 0.00448697
16 HK Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0600812
1605 JP Inpex Corp Japan Energy 0.0164439
17 HK New World Development Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0193963
1801 JP Taisei Corp Japan Industrials 0.0192439
1802 JP Obayashi Corp Japan Industrials 0.0173353
1803 JP Shimizu Corp Japan Industrials 0.0161433
1812 JP Kajima Corp Japan Industrials 0.0144711
1878 JP Daito Trust Construction Co Japan Real Estate 0.0198569
19 HK Swire Pacific Ltd. 'A' Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0129877
1925 JP Daiwa House Industry Co Japan Real Estate 0.0429382
1928 HK Sands China Ltd. Macau Consumer Discretionary 0.0295391
1928 JP Sekisui House Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.031178800000000003
1COV GR Covestro Ag Germany Materials 0.0157193
2 HK Clp Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.0530669
20 HK Wheelock And Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0144814
2002 JP Nisshin Seifun Group Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.011257999999999999
2267 JP Yakult Honsha Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.030219999999999997
2269 JP Meiji Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.030134900000000003
2282 HK Mgm China Holdings Ltd Macau Consumer Discretionary 0.00299287
2388 HK Boc Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.0329331
241 HK Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd Hong Kong Health Care 0.0163756
2413 JP M3 Inc Japan Health Care 0.0365332
2502 JP Asahi Group Holdings Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.043825800000000005
2503 JP Kirin Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.0572233
2587 JP Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.014789
2651 JP Lawson Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.00869977
27 HK Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.0476594
270 HK Guangdong Investment Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.016691
2801 JP Kikkoman Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.0229764
2802 JP Ajinomoto Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.0282715
288 HK Wh Group Ltd Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.025265999999999997
2897 JP Nissin Foods Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.019767
291 HK China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co Ltd Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.022357099999999998
2914 JP Japan Tobacco Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.0754395
3 HK Hong Kong And China Gas Co Ltd Hong Kong Utilities 0.055542299999999996
3003 JP Hulic Co Ltd Japan Real Estate 0.014531400000000002
3291 JP Iida Group Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0074998899999999995
3382 JP Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.08400540000000001
3391 JP Tsuruha Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.0139033
3402 JP Toray Industries Inc Japan Materials 0.0192859
3407 JP Asahi Kasei Corporation Japan Materials 0.0257096
3659 JP Nexon Co Ltd Japan Communication Services 0.0200906
3861 JP Oji Holdings Corp Japan Materials 0.014681300000000001
388 HK Hong Kong Exchanges And Clearing Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.1096173
392 HK Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.005390369999999999
4 HK Wharf (Holdings) Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0060158
4005 JP Sumitomo Chemical Co Japan Materials 0.013796300000000001
4063 JP Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Japan Materials 0.1028059
4091 JP Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp Japan Materials 0.00731892
4151 JP Kyowa Kirin Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.014115899999999999
4188 JP Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp Japan Materials 0.0272788
4204 JP Sekisui Chemical Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0164609
4307 JP Nomura Research Institute Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.0276552
4324 JP Dentsu Group Inc Japan Communication Services 0.01329
4452 JP Kao Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.1173458
4502 JP Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.1359606
4503 JP Astellas Pharma Inc Japan Health Care 0.0820639
4506 JP Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.00591598
4507 JP Shionogi & Co Japan Health Care 0.0386377
4519 JP Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.0751723
4523 JP Eisai Co Japan Health Care 0.050568
4528 JP Ono Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.030259900000000003
4536 JP Santen Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.0195617
4543 JP Terumo Corp Japan Health Care 0.0688481
4568 JP Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.1118129
4578 JP Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.05529270000000001
4581 JP Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.00914658
4612 JP Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd Japan Materials 0.0332608
4613 JP Kansai Paint Co Japan Materials 0.015943199999999998
4661 JP Oriental Land Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.09442600000000001
4684 JP Obic Co Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.0286154
4704 JP Trend Micro Inc Japan Information Technology 0.0138367
4716 JP Oracle Corp Japan Japan Information Technology 0.00815437
4732 JP Uss Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.00946107
4755 JP Rakuten Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.016964200000000002
4768 JP Otsuka Corp Japan Information Technology 0.013808599999999999
4901 JP Fujifilm Holdings Corp Japan Information Technology 0.07291020000000001
4911 JP Shiseido Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.06380920000000001
4922 JP Kose Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.013146499999999998
5020 JP JXTG Holdings Inc Japan Energy 0.030586600000000002
5108 JP Bridgestone Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0569029
5201 JP AGC Inc Japan Industrials 0.014022199999999999
5332 JP Toto Japan Industrials 0.014875000000000001
5333 JP Ngk Insulators Japan Industrials 0.00989038
5401 JP Nippon Steel Corp Japan Materials 0.0249111
5411 JP Jfe Holdings Inc Japan Materials 0.0119994
551 HK Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.00402071
5713 JP Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Japan Materials 0.0150547
5802 JP Sumitomo Electric Industries Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0232708
6 HK Power Assets Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Utilities 0.0259547
6098 JP Recruit Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.11858389999999999
6178 JP Japan Post Holdings Co Japan Financials 0.0333928
6201 JP Toyota Industries Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.028149
6273 JP Smc Corp Japan Industrials 0.0685852
6301 JP Komatsu Japan Industrials 0.0434012
6326 JP Kubota Corp Japan Industrials 0.044137
6367 JP Daikin Industries Japan Industrials 0.1150358
6465 JP Hoshizaki Corp Japan Industrials 0.012589900000000001
6471 JP Nsk Japan Industrials 0.00926662
6501 JP Hitachi Japan Information Technology 0.07336559999999999
6502 JP Toshiba Corp Japan Industrials 0.0247908
6503 JP Mitsubishi Electric Corp Japan Industrials 0.0750048
6586 JP Makita Corp Japan Industrials 0.0243625
6594 JP Nidec Corp Japan Industrials 0.0804364
66 HK Mtr Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.026380400000000002
6645 JP Omron Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0299575
669 HK Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.029166100000000004
6701 JP Nec Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0270575
6702 JP Fujitsu Japan Information Technology 0.050805100000000006
6724 JP Seiko Epson Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0104309
6752 JP Panasonic Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0482143
6758 JP Sony Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2230657
6762 JP Tdk Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0266935
6861 JP Keyence Corp Japan Information Technology 0.1651715
6869 JP Sysmex Corp Japan Health Care 0.035639699999999996
688 HK China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0378403
6902 JP Denso Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0470591
6954 JP Fanuc Co Japan Industrials 0.069512
6963 JP Rohm Co Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.0147613
6965 JP Hamamatsu Photonic Japan Information Technology 0.019055
6971 JP Kyocera Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0564694
6981 JP Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.091965
6988 JP Nitto Denko Corp Japan Materials 0.019846100000000002
7011 JP Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan Industrials 0.0252143
7186 JP Concordia Financial Group Japan Financials 0.0116693
7201 JP Nissan Motor Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0277497
7202 JP Isuzu Motors Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0109931
7203 JP Toyota Motor Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.49333950000000004
7205 JP Hino Motors Japan Industrials 0.00417719
7211 JP Mitsubishi Motors Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.006138579999999999
7259 JP Aisin Seiki Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.012807
7261 JP Mazda Motor Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0112459
7267 JP Honda Motor Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.12146590000000002
7269 JP Suzuki Motor Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0336336
7270 JP SUBARU CORPORATION Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0374132
7272 JP Yamaha Motor Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.009624249999999999
7276 JP Koito Manufacturing Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0108911
7309 JP Shimano Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0368307
7453 JP Ryohin Keikaku Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.007714169999999999
7532 JP Pan Pacific International Holdings Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0219791
762 HK China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hong Kong Communication Services 0.0107509
7701 JP Shimadzu Corp Japan Information Technology 0.020513899999999998
7731 JP Nikon Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0111126
7733 JP Olympus Corporation Japan Health Care 0.050785800000000006
7741 JP Hoya Corp Japan Health Care 0.1016049
7751 JP Canon Inc Japan Information Technology 0.090914
7752 JP Ricoh Co Japan Information Technology 0.0158503
7832 JP Bandai Namco Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.029226000000000002
7911 JP Toppan Printing Co Japan Industrials 0.0124749
7912 JP Dai Nippon Printing Co Japan Industrials 0.0175466
7951 JP Yamaha Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0183575
7974 JP Nintendo Co Ltd Japan Communication Services 0.1347282
8001 JP Itochu Corp Japan Industrials 0.0945659
8002 JP Marubeni Corp Japan Industrials 0.025474800000000002
8015 JP Toyota Tsusho Corp Japan Industrials 0.0143995
8028 JP FamilyMart Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.0110843
8031 JP Mitsui & Co Japan Industrials 0.07758659999999999
8035 JP Tokyo Electron Japan Information Technology 0.0806092
8053 JP Sumitomo Corp Japan Industrials 0.0434953
8058 JP Mitsubishi Corp Japan Industrials 0.107328
8113 JP Uni Charm Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.047911999999999996
8267 JP Aeon Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.059253099999999996
83 HK Sino Land Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.011259700000000001
8306 JP Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Inc Japan Financials 0.1462349
8308 JP Resona Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.0203776
8309 JP Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.0319806
8316 JP Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Japan Financials 0.10388769999999999
836 HK China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.0055939100000000005
8411 JP Mizuho Financial Group Inc Japan Financials 0.0871875
8572 JP Acom Co Japan Financials 0.0060468499999999994
8591 JP Orix Corp Japan Financials 0.0445487
8593 JP Mitsubishi Ufj Lease & Finance Co Ltd Japan Financials 0.00829179
8601 JP Daiwa Securities Group Inc Japan Financials 0.0201818
8604 JP Nomura Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.0400176
8630 JP Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.026480999999999998
8697 JP Japan Exchange Group Inc Japan Financials 0.0301955
8725 JP Ms&Ad Insurance Group Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.040902400000000005
8729 JP Sony Financial Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.00695749
8750 JP Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Japan Financials 0.036465700000000004
8766 JP Tokio Marine Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.0943793
8795 JP T&D Holdings Inc Japan Financials 0.0133466
8801 JP Mitsui Fudosan Co Japan Real Estate 0.0462165
8802 JP Mitsubishi Estate Co Japan Real Estate 0.055091600000000004
8830 JP Sumitomo Realty & Dev Co Japan Real Estate 0.0317693
9001 JP Tobu Railway Co Japan Industrials 0.0230664
9005 JP Tokyu Corp Japan Industrials 0.0280302
9007 JP Odakyu Electric Railway Co Japan Industrials 0.0233742
9008 JP Keio Corp Japan Industrials 0.0221117
9020 JP East Japan Railway Co Japan Industrials 0.0925348
9021 JP West Japan Railway Japan Industrials 0.040881799999999996
9022 JP Central Japan Railway Co Japan Industrials 0.1075424
9024 JP Seibu Holding Inc Japan Industrials 0.0103975
9041 JP Kintetsu Group Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.030539500000000004
9042 JP Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Japan Industrials 0.026264000000000003
9062 JP Nippon Express Co Japan Industrials 0.013085399999999999
9064 JP Yamato Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.0159004
9201 JP Japan Airlines Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.0199915
9202 JP Ana Holdings Inc Japan Industrials 0.031000299999999998
9432 JP Nippon Tel & Tel Corp Japan Communication Services 0.1894683
9433 JP Kddi Corp Japan Communication Services 0.1386869
9437 JP Ntt Docomo Japan Communication Services 0.1164215
9501 JP Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holding Inc. Japan Utilities 0.0156248
9502 JP Chubu Electric Power Co Japan Utilities 0.0320491
9503 JP Kansai Electric Power Co Inc Japan Utilities 0.024227600000000002
9506 JP Tohoku Electric Power Co Japan Utilities 0.0142523
9531 JP Tokyo Gas Co Japan Utilities 0.0271834
9532 JP Osaka Gas Co Japan Utilities 0.0219929
9602 JP Toho Co Japan Communication Services 0.0143261
9613 JP NTT Data Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0166637
966 HK China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.00724382
9735 JP Secom Co Japan Industrials 0.0500831
9766 JP Konami Holdings Cor Japan Communication Services 0.00772017
9831 JP Yamada Denki Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.010800599999999999
9843 JP Nitori Holdings Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.033449599999999996
9983 JP Fast Retailing Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0768518
9984 JP Softbank Group Corp Japan Communication Services 0.12114269999999999
A US Agilent Technologies Inc United States Health Care 0.0676933
A2A IM A2A Spa Italy Utilities 0.00559792
ARNC US Arconic Inc United States Industrials 0.0178592
AAL LN Anglo American Plc Britain Materials 0.051824300000000004
AAL US American Airlines Group Inc. United States Industrials 0.012946999999999998
AAPL US Apple Inc. United States Information Technology 3.101384
ABBN SW Abb Ltd Switzerland Industrials 0.10343139999999999
ABBV US Abbvie Inc. United States Health Care 0.3354657
ABC US Amerisourcebergen Corp United States Health Care 0.0393072
ABF LN Associated British Foods Britain Consumer Staples 0.0241993
ABI BB Anheuser Busch Inbev Nv Belgium Consumer Staples 0.11899770000000001
ABMD US Abiomed Inc United States Health Care 0.0193452
ABT US Abbott Laboratories United States Health Care 0.39443890000000004
ABX CN Barrick Gold Corp Canada Materials 0.0924558
AC FP Accor France Consumer Discretionary 0.0166513
ACA FP Credit Agricole Sa France Financials 0.0304533
ACGL US Arch Capital Group Ltd United States Financials 0.0347387
ACKB BB Ackermans & Van Haaren Nv Belgium Financials 0.00914013
ACN US Accenture Plc A United States Information Technology 0.32401040000000003
ACS SM ACS Actividades de Construccion y Servicios SA Spain Industrials 0.012866200000000001
ADBE US Adobe Inc United States Information Technology 0.4694859
ADEN SW Adecco Group AG Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.0179922
ADI US Analog Devices Inc United States Information Technology 0.1030498
ADM LN Admiral Group Britain Financials 0.0158374
ADM US Archer-Daniels-Midland Co United States Consumer Staples 0.056172299999999994
ADP FP Adp Promesses France Industrials 0.00997033
ADP US Automatic Data Processing United States Information Technology 0.1591473
ADS GR Adidas Ag Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.12558619999999998
ADSK US Autodesk Inc United States Information Technology 0.10713229999999999
AEE US Ameren Corp United States Utilities 0.0509699
AEM CN Agnico Eagle Mines Limited Canada Materials 0.0298956
AENA SM Aena SME SA Spain Industrials 0.0325422
AEP US American Electric Power United States Utilities 0.1162981
AER US Aercap Holdings Nv Netherlands Industrials 0.00777482
AFG US American Financial Group United States Financials 0.0126182
AFL US Aflac Inc United States Financials 0.058445199999999996
AGL AU Agl Energy Ltd Australia Utilities 0.0201502
AGN NA Aegon Nv Netherlands Financials 0.0138481
AGN US Allergan PLC United States Health Care 0.1849276
AGS BB Ageas Belgium Financials 0.0163741
AD NA KONINKLIJKE AHOLD DELHAIZE N Netherlands Consumer Staples 0.0764904
AHT LN Ashtead Group Britain Industrials 0.0240553
AI FP Air Liquide France Materials 0.1747835
AIG US American Intl Group Inc United States Financials 0.0552479
AIR FP Airbus SE France Industrials 0.1369072
AJG US Gallagher Arthur J. & Co United States Financials 0.0443233
AKAM US Akamai Technologies Inc United States Information Technology 0.041668
AKE FP Arkema France Materials 0.015180599999999999
AKZA NA Akzo Nobel Nv Netherlands Materials 0.0344726
ALFA SS Alfa Laval Ab Sweden Industrials 0.015143700000000001
ALGN US Align Technology Inc United States Health Care 0.0341389
ALL AU Aristocrat Leisure Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.0215092
ALL US Allstate Corp United States Financials 0.0770054
ALLY US Ally Financial Inc United States Financials 0.014408800000000001
ALNY US Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc United States Health Care 0.0380741
ALO FP Alstom France Industrials 0.0227281
ALV GR Allianz Se Germany Financials 0.2022347
ALV US Autoliv Inc Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.0103862
ALXN US Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc United States Health Care 0.0585163
AM FP Dassault Aviation France Industrials 0.00588409
AMAT US Applied Materials Inc United States Information Technology 0.11475420000000001
AMD US Advanced Micro Devices United States Information Technology 0.1523974
AME US Ametek Inc United States Industrials 0.0477603
AMGN US Amgen Inc United States Health Care 0.36522170000000004
AMP US Ameriprise Financial Inc United States Financials 0.036416699999999996
AMS SM Amadeus IT Group SA Spain Information Technology 0.06176909999999999
AMTD US Td Ameritrade Holding Corporation United States Financials 0.0270747
AMZN US Amazon.Com Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 2.5392658
ANA SM Acciona Sa Spain Utilities 0.00789355
ANDR AV Andritz Ag Austria Industrials 0.00650568
ANET US Arista Networks Inc United States Information Technology 0.0293783
ANSS US Ansys Inc United States Information Technology 0.0602257
ANTM US Anthem Inc United States Health Care 0.1590207
ANTO LN Antofagasta Hldgs Britain Materials 0.00870888
ANZ AU Anz Banking Group Australia Financials 0.08725659999999999
AON US Aon Plc United States Financials 0.11374429999999999
APA US Apache Corp United States Energy 0.00599465
APD US Air Products & Chemicals Inc United States Materials 0.1373025
APH US Amphenol Corp A United States Information Technology 0.0686787
ARMK US Aramark United States Consumer Discretionary 0.016123
ASML NA Asml Holding Nv Netherlands Information Technology 0.3215809
ASSAB SS Assa Abloy B Sweden Industrials 0.0545614
ASX AU Asx Limited Australia Financials 0.026820899999999998
ATC NA ALTICE EUROPE NV Netherlands Communication Services 0.00640254
ATCOA SS Atlas Copco Ab A Sweden Industrials 0.08713800000000001
ATD/B CN Alimentation Couche Tard Inc. Class B Sv Canada Consumer Staples 0.0689125
ATL IM Atlantia Spa Italy Industrials 0.0200959
ATO FP Atos Se France Information Technology 0.0160859
ATO US Atmos Energy Corp United States Utilities 0.0346681
ATVI US Activision Blizzard Inc United States Communication Services 0.1316995
AUTO LN Auto Trader Group Plc Britain Communication Services 0.0133908
AV/ LN Aviva Britain Financials 0.0350883
AVGO US Broadcom Inc United States Information Technology 0.25257029999999997
AVY US Avery Dennison Corp United States Materials 0.0248784
AWK US American Water Works Co Inc United States Utilities 0.059939900000000004
AXP US American Express Co United States Financials 0.1615452
AZJ AU Aurizon Holdings Limited Australia Industrials 0.013631400000000002
AZN LN Astrazeneca Plc Britain Health Care 0.3492898
AZO US Autozone Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.056506600000000004
AZRG IT Azrieli Group Israel Real Estate 0.00707771
BA US Boeing Co United States Industrials 0.1671978
BA/ LN Bae Systems Plc Britain Industrials 0.0583502
BAC US Bank Of America Corp United States Financials 0.5080572999999999
BAER SW Julius Baer Group Switzerland Financials 0.0214143
BALDB SS Fastighets Ab Bald Sweden Real Estate 0.009114530000000001
BALN SW Baloise Hldg Reg Switzerland Financials 0.0183236
BAM/A CN Brookfield Asset Management Inc Canada Financials 0.119001
BARC LN Barclays Britain Financials 0.056013600000000004
BARN SW Barry Callebaut AG Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.014115800000000001
BAS GR Basf Se Germany Materials 0.1338651
BATS LN British American Tobacco Plc Britain Consumer Staples 0.2093521
BAX US Baxter Intl Inc United States Health Care 0.1272149
BAYN GR Bayer Ag Germany Health Care 0.1811863
TFC US Truist Financial Corp United States Financials 0.1326824
BBVA SM Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Sa Spain Financials 0.06761980000000001
BBY US Best Buy Co Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0386893
BCE CN Bce Inc Canada Communication Services 0.10715340000000001
BCVN SW Banque Cant Vaudoise Reg Switzerland Financials 0.006780929999999999
BDEV LN Barratt Developments Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.016056400000000002
BDX US Becton Dickinson & Co United States Health Care 0.19634420000000002
BEI GR Beiersdorf Ag Germany Consumer Staples 0.0313664
BEN US Franklin Resources Inc United States Financials 0.0154687
BF/B US Brown-Forman Corp B United States Consumer Staples 0.058062800000000005
BKR US Baker Hughes Company United States Energy 0.0214963
BHP AU BHP Group Ltd Australia Materials 0.23606280000000002
BIIB US Biogen Inc United States Health Care 0.15961250000000002
BIM FP Biomerieux France Health Care 0.012457300000000001
BK US The Bank Of New York Mellon Corp United States Financials 0.0770135
BKG LN Berkeley Group Holdings Plc Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0155183
BKIA SM Bankia Sa Spain Financials 0.00411303
BIRG ID Bank of Ireland Group Plc Ireland Financials 0.00576671
BKT SM Bankinter Sa Spain Financials 0.00802833
BLK US Blackrock Inc United States Financials 0.13729650000000002
BLL US Ball Corp United States Materials 0.0588194
BME LN B&M European Value Retail S.A. Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.00914953
BMED IM Banca Mediolanum Italy Financials 0.00363511
BMO CN Bank Of Montreal Canada Financials 0.0911446
BMRN US Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc United States Health Care 0.043234
BMW GR Bayer Motoren Werke Ag (Bmw) Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.053996899999999994
BMY US Bristol-Myers Squibb United States Health Care 0.3594074
BN FP Danone France Consumer Staples 0.1331226
BNP FP Bnp Paribas France Financials 0.11086679999999999
BNR GR Brenntag Ag Germany Industrials 0.0176522
BNS CN Bank Of Nova Scotia Halifax Canada Financials 0.1389131
BNZL LN Bunzl Britain Industrials 0.0185064
BOL FP Bollore Investissement France Communication Services 0.00853599
BOL SS Boliden Ab Sweden Materials 0.0139166
BP/ LN Bp Britain Energy 0.1851266
BR US Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. United States Information Technology 0.0342772
BRBY LN Burberry Group Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0181185
BRK/B US Berkshire Hathaway B United States Financials 1.1103219
BSX US Boston Scientific Corp United States Health Care 0.1251022
BT/A LN Bt Group Britain Communication Services 0.0424527
BVI FP Bureau Veritas Sa France Industrials 0.0173901
BWY LN Bellway Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.009594440000000001
BXB AU Brambles Industries Ltd Australia Industrials 0.030373999999999998
C US Citigroup Inc United States Financials 0.2626816
CA FP Carrefour Sa France Consumer Staples 0.029956600000000003
CABK SM Caixabank Spain Financials 0.0212431
CAG US Conagra Brands Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.0417141
CAH US Cardinal Health Inc United States Health Care 0.0415874
CAP FP Capgemini SA France Information Technology 0.03739
CAPL SP Capitaland Ltd Singapore Real Estate 0.0162839
CARLB DC Carlsberg As B Denmark Consumer Staples 0.035424000000000004
CAT US Caterpillar Inc United States Industrials 0.17672849999999998
CB US Chubb Limited United States Financials 0.15096790000000002
CBA AU Commonwealth Bank Australia Australia Financials 0.20367359999999998
CBRE US Cbre Group Inc. United States Real Estate 0.0377288
CBK GR Commerzbank Ag Germany Financials 0.0122861
CBOE US Cboe Global Markets Inc United States Financials 0.0289483
VIAC US ViacomCBS Inc B United States Communication Services 0.022949
CCEP US Coca-Cola Enterprises Britain Consumer Staples 0.0217377
CCH LN Coca-Cola Hbc Ag Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.012360900000000001
CCL US Carnival Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.021580500000000002
CCL/B CN Ccl Industries Inc. Class B Nv Canada Materials 0.0119924
CDNS US Cadence Design Systems Inc United States Information Technology 0.0507603
CDW US Cdw Corp/De United States Information Technology 0.0373636
CE US Celanese Corp A United States Materials 0.025458099999999997
CERN US Cerner Corp United States Health Care 0.055123399999999996
CFG US Citizens Financial Group Inc United States Financials 0.0246329
CFR SW Richemont Cie Financiere A Br Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.0931618
CHD US Church & Dwight Co United States Consumer Staples 0.0531302
CHKP US Check Point Software (Us) Israel Information Technology 0.0346071
CHR DC Christian Hansen Holding A/S Denmark Materials 0.0228464
CHRW US Ch Robinson Worldwide Inc United States Industrials 0.0283576
CHTR US Charter Communications Inc A United States Communication Services 0.1874116
CI US Cigna Corporation United States Health Care 0.1738876
CIM AU Cimic Group Ltd Australia Industrials 0.00329844
CINF US Cincinnati Financial Corp United States Financials 0.0373406
CIT SP City Developments Ltd Singapore Real Estate 0.007376999999999999
CL US Colgate-Palmolive Co United States Consumer Staples 0.17460019999999998
CLN SW Clariant Ag Reg Switzerland Materials 0.0117199
CLR US Continental Resources Inc/Ok United States Energy 0.00265911
CLX US Clorox Co United States Consumer Staples 0.07299989999999999
CM CN Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce Canada Financials 0.0746687
CMA US Comerica Inc (Mi) United States Financials 0.0134507
CMCSA US Comcast Corp A United States Communication Services 0.49873219999999996
CME US Cme Group Inc A United States Financials 0.186752
CMG US Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0511809
CMI US Cummins Inc United States Industrials 0.0575751
CMS US Cms Energy Corp United States Utilities 0.046262899999999996
CNA LN Centrica Britain Utilities 0.0097692
CNC US Centene Corp United States Health Care 0.0942852
CNHI IM Cnh Industrial Nv Britain Industrials 0.0197534
CNP FP Cnp Assurances France Financials 0.0037401799999999996
CNP US Centerpoint Energy Inc United States Utilities 0.0206177
CNQ CN Canadian Natural Resources Limited Canada Energy 0.0330099
CNR CN Canadian National Railways Canada Industrials 0.1623354
CO FP Casino Guichard-Perrachon France Consumer Staples 0.00518311
COF US Capital One Financial United States Financials 0.067679
COLOB DC Coloplast As B Denmark Health Care 0.0790614
COLR BB Colruyt Sa Belgium Consumer Staples 0.0103371
CON GR Continental Ag Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0221023
COO US Cooper Companies Inc United States Health Care 0.0439699
COP US Conocophillips United States Energy 0.09544949999999999
COST US Costco Wholesale Corp United States Consumer Staples 0.4218401
CP CN Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd Canada Industrials 0.084081
CPB US Campbell Soup Co United States Consumer Staples 0.025179
CPG LN Compass Group Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0682229
CPR IM Davide Campari Group Milano Spa Italy Consumer Staples 0.0127004
CPRT US Copart Inc United States Industrials 0.0406911
CPU AU Computershare Ltd Australia Information Technology 0.008482700000000001
CRDA LN Croda Intl Britain Materials 0.0220258
CRH ID Crh Plc Ireland Materials 0.0516379
CRM US Salesforce.Com United States Information Technology 0.4102438
CS FP Axa France Financials 0.0932471
DXC US DXC Technology Company United States Information Technology 0.009739550000000001
CSCO US Cisco Systems Inc United States Information Technology 0.496613
CSGN SW Credit Suisse Group Ag Switzerland Financials 0.0569885
CSGP US Costar Group Inc United States Industrials 0.0664116
CSL AU Csl Ltd Australia Health Care 0.2344835
CSU CN Constellation Software Inc. Canada Information Technology 0.0533302
CSX US Csx Corporation United States Industrials 0.1269388
CTAS US Cintas Corp United States Industrials 0.0484005
CTC/A CN Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Nv Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.0108413
CTL US Centurylink Inc United States Communication Services 0.0293521
CTSH US Cognizant Tech Solutions Corp United States Information Technology 0.0795858
CTX AU Caltex Australia Ltd Australia Energy 0.00983077
CTXS US Citrix Systems Inc United States Information Technology 0.0451463
CU CN Canadian Utilities Ltd A Nv Canada Utilities 0.00832396
CVE CN Cenovus Energy Inc Canada Energy 0.00557867
CVS US Cvs Health Corporation United States Health Care 0.23465529999999998
CVX US Chevron Corp United States Energy 0.36713629999999997
CWN AU Crown Resorts Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.00421814
CXO US Concho Resources Inc United States Energy 0.026243700000000002
D US Dominion Energy Inc United States Utilities 0.18529110000000001
DAI GR Daimler Ag Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0729783
DAL US Delta Air Lines United States Industrials 0.0400077
DANSKE DC Danske Bank A/S Denmark Financials 0.024425500000000003
DB1 GR Deutsche Boerse Ag Germany Financials 0.0685796
DBK GR Deutsche Bank Ag Germany Financials 0.0367669
DBS SP Dbs Group Holdings Singapore Financials 0.0738024
DCC LN Dcc Ireland Industrials 0.0178839
DE US Deere & Co United States Industrials 0.11515869999999999
DEC FP Jc Decaux Intl Sa France Communication Services 0.00467814
DFS US Discover Financial Services United States Financials 0.0256094
DG FP Vinci France Industrials 0.13526549999999998
DG US Dollar General Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.11735510000000002
DGE LN Diageo Plc Britain Consumer Staples 0.1994193
DGX US Quest Diagnostics United States Health Care 0.033029
DHI US Horton D.R. Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0344127
DHR US Danaher Corp United States Health Care 0.2523566
DIM FP Sartorius Stedim Biotech France Health Care 0.013836900000000001
DIS US Walt Disney Co United States Communication Services 0.5106135
DISH US Dish Network Corp A United States Communication Services 0.0160784
DLG LN Direct Line Insurance Group Britain Financials 0.013370499999999999
APTV US Aptiv plc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0379206
DLTR US Dollar Tree Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0591403
DNB NO Dnb Asa Norway Financials 0.027447000000000003
DOL CN Dollarama Inc Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.0261436
DOV US Dover Corp United States Industrials 0.0315992
DD US DuPont de Nemours Inc United States Materials 0.0765388
DOX US Amdocs Ltd United States Information Technology 0.0206797
DPW GR Deutsche Post Ag Germany Industrials 0.07207580000000001
DPZ US Domino'S Pizza Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0385046
DRI US Darden Restaurants Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.015587899999999998
DSM NA Koninklijke Dsm Nv Netherlands Materials 0.0604614
DSV DC DSV Panalpina A/S Denmark Industrials 0.0565491
DSY FP Dassault Systemes Sa France Information Technology 0.060918400000000004
DTE GR Deutsche Telekom AG Germany Communication Services 0.1398384
DTE US Dte Energy Co United States Utilities 0.052578200000000005
DUFN SW Dufry Ag Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.00304815
DUK US Duke Energy Corp United States Utilities 0.1649919
DVN US Devon Energy Corp United States Energy 0.00765774
DWNI GR Deutsche Wohnen SE Germany Real Estate 0.0390729
EA US Electronic Arts United States Communication Services 0.0828403
EBAY US Ebay Inc. United States Consumer Discretionary 0.06788770000000001
EBS AV Erste Group Bank Ag Austria Financials 0.0185009
OVV CN Ovintiv Inc Canada Energy 0.0020791100000000003
ECL US Ecolab Inc United States Materials 0.1170026
ED US Consolidated Edison Inc United States Utilities 0.0796973
EDEN FP Edenred France Industrials 0.0322867
EDP PL Energias de Portugal SA Portugal Utilities 0.026600000000000002
EFX US Equifax Inc United States Industrials 0.042131999999999996
EL FP Essilorluxottica France Consumer Discretionary 0.113619
EIX US Edison Intl United States Utilities 0.055886399999999996
EL US Estee Lauder Cos. A United States Consumer Staples 0.1026949
ELE SM Endesa Sa Spain Utilities 0.0190742
ELISA FH Elisa Oyj Finland Communication Services 0.0281507
ELUXB SS Electrolux Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.00899312
EMA CN Emera Inc Canada Utilities 0.026703300000000003
EMN US Eastman Chemical Co United States Materials 0.0182556
EMR US Emerson Electric Co United States Industrials 0.08873410000000001
EMSN SW Ems-Chemie Hldg Ag Switzerland Materials 0.0132201
EN FP Bouygues France Industrials 0.0223796
ENB CN Enbridge Inc Canada Energy 0.1710083
ENEL IM Enel Spa Italy Utilities 0.1598909
ENG SM Enagas Spa Spain Utilities 0.0143905
ENGI FP Engie France Utilities 0.0676698
ENI IM Eni Spa Italy Energy 0.065193
EO FP Faurecia France Consumer Discretionary 0.00704313
EOAN GR E.On Se Germany Utilities 0.0635448
EOG US Eog Resources United States Energy 0.0668
ERF FP Eurofins Scientific France Health Care 0.0180109
ERICB SS Ericsson L.M. Telefonaktie B Sweden Information Technology 0.0734682
ES US Eversource Energy United States Utilities 0.0741824
ETFC US E*Trade Financial Corp United States Financials 0.0211385
ETN US Eaton Corp Plc United States Industrials 0.0882933
ETR US Entergy Corp United States Utilities 0.052551400000000005
EVK GR Evonik Industries Germany Materials 0.0122222
EW US Edwards Lifesciences Corp United States Health Care 0.1144977
EXC US Exelon Corp United States Utilities 0.0993517
EXO IM EXOR NV Netherlands Financials 0.0151287
EXPD US Expeditors Intl Of Wa Inc United States Industrials 0.0306794
EXPE US Expedia Group Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0187786
EXPN LN Experian Plc Ireland Industrials 0.0716019
EZJ LN Easyjet Britain Industrials 0.00607595
F US Ford Motor Co United States Consumer Discretionary 0.055817900000000004
FANG US Diamondback Energy Inc United States Energy 0.00967899
FAST US Fastenal Co United States Industrials 0.0543013
FB US Facebook Inc A United States Communication Services 1.1848705
FBK IM Finecobank Spa Italy Financials 0.0151824
FCA IM Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Nv Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.023753700000000003
FCX US Freeport-Mcmoran Inc United States Materials 0.0263457
FDX US Fedex Corp United States Industrials 0.0877599
FE US Firstenergy Corp United States Utilities 0.0609706
FER SM Ferrovial Sa Spain Industrials 0.0318387
FFH CN Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Canada Financials 0.026027
FFIV US F5 Networks Inc United States Information Technology 0.0200287
FGR FP Eiffage France Industrials 0.0168364
FHZN SW Unique Zurich Airport Switzerland Industrials 0.0072933699999999995
FIE GR Fielmann Ag Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0038653299999999997
FIS US Fidelity National Information United States Information Technology 0.20844769999999999
FISV US Fiserv Inc United States Information Technology 0.1534328
FITB US Fifth Third Bancorp (Oh) United States Financials 0.030198799999999998
FLEX US Flextronics Intl Ltd Singapore Information Technology 0.011135599999999999
FLT US Fleetcor Technologies Inc United States Information Technology 0.0525568
FMC US Fmc Corp United States Materials 0.027743800000000002
FMG AU Fortescue Metals Group Australia Materials 0.033659800000000004
FNV CN Franco-Nevada Corp Canada Materials 0.0589821
FP FP Total Sa France Energy 0.21028319999999998
FR FP Valeo France Consumer Discretionary 0.0124945
FRA GR Fraport Ag Germany Industrials 0.0047069600000000005
FRC US First Republic Bank United States Financials 0.044831899999999994
FRE GR Fresenius Se & Co Kgaa Germany Health Care 0.0340313
FRES LN Fresnillo Plc Britain Materials 0.00423839
FTI US TechnipFMC PLC Britain Energy 0.00870865
FTS CN Fortis Inc Canada Utilities 0.0492372
FORTUM FH Fortum Oyj Finland Utilities 0.019837300000000002
G IM Assicurazioni Generali Spa Italy Financials 0.0468542
G1A GR GEA AG Germany Industrials 0.0100167
VIFN SW Vifor Pharma AG Switzerland Health Care 0.017187300000000003
GALP PL Galp Energia Sgps Sa Portugal Energy 0.0125102
SGRE SM Siemens Gamesa Renewable Ener Spain Industrials 0.0102759
NTGY SM Naturgy Energy Group SA Spain Utilities 0.0201936
GBLB BB Groupe Bruxelles Lambert Belgium Financials 0.0179734
GD US General Dynamics United States Industrials 0.1020813
GE US General Electric Co United States Industrials 0.187472
GEBN SW Geberit Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.05085340000000001
GMAB DC Genmab As Denmark Health Care 0.0413868
GENS SP Genting Singapore Ltd Singapore Consumer Discretionary 0.007465289999999999
GET FP Getlink SE France Industrials 0.0144892
GFS LN G4S Plc Britain Industrials 0.00549844
GIB/A CN CGI Inc - A Canada Information Technology 0.038367
GIL CN Gildan Activewear Inc A Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.0066925
GILD US Gilead Sciences Inc United States Health Care 0.3045098
GIS US General Mills Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.10617770000000001
GIVN SW Givaudan Ag Switzerland Materials 0.0772196
GJF NO Gjensidige Forsikring Asa Norway Financials 0.009317569999999999
GLE FP Societe Generale France Financials 0.0413397
GLEN LN Glencore Plc Switzerland Materials 0.0504683
GLW US Corning Inc United States Information Technology 0.0473735
GM US General Motors Company United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0750352
GOOGL US Alphabet Inc A United States Communication Services 2.1833801999999998
GPC US Genuine Parts Co United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0264691
GPN US Global Payments Inc United States Information Technology 0.1172844
GRF SM Grifols Sa Spain Health Care 0.0472361
GRMN US Garmin Ltd United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0302342
GS US Goldman Sachs Group Inc United States Financials 0.1416404
GSK LN Glaxosmithkline Britain Health Care 0.2611548
GVNV NA Grandvision B.V. Netherlands Consumer Discretionary 0.00441609
GWO CN Great-West Lifeco Inc Canada Financials 0.0112414
GWW US Grainger W.W. Inc United States Industrials 0.0316941
H CN Hydro One Limited Canada Utilities 0.0170526
HAL US Halliburton Co United States Energy 0.0146165
HAS US Hasbro Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.019307300000000003
HBAN US Huntington Bancshares (Oh) United States Financials 0.025640899999999998
HCA US HCA Healthcare Inc United States Health Care 0.0681619
HD US Home Depot Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.5459356000000001
HEI GR Heidelbergcement Ag Germany Materials 0.017477200000000002
HEIA NA Heineken Nv Netherlands Consumer Staples 0.06225510000000001
HELN SW Helvetia Holding Ag Switzerland Financials 0.00792345
HER IM Hera Spa Italy Utilities 0.012217599999999999
HES US Hess Corp United States Energy 0.0261898
HEXAB SS Hexagon Ab Sweden Information Technology 0.03503
JHG US Janus Henderson Group plc Britain Financials 0.007863470000000001
HIG US Hartford Finl Services Group United States Financials 0.0368493
HII US Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. United States Industrials 0.0213608
HKL SP Hong Kong Land Hldgs Ltd Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0149703
HL/ LN Hargreaves Lansdown Plc Britain Financials 0.0148262
HLE GR Hella GmbH & Co KGaA Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0035239900000000003
HLMA LN Halma Britain Information Technology 0.0276067
HLT US HILTON INC United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0562178
HMB SS Hennes & Mauritz Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.0278784
HNR1 GR Hannover Ruck SE Germany Financials 0.024493699999999997
HO FP Thales France Industrials 0.0237254
HOLX US Hologic Inc United States Health Care 0.0268923
HON US Honeywell Intl Inc United States Industrials 0.2617339
HOT GR Hochtief Ag Germany Industrials 0.00324309
HPE US Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co United States Information Technology 0.0365725
HPQ US Hp Inc United States Information Technology 0.0657715
HRL US Hormel Foods Corp United States Consumer Staples 0.041503599999999995
LHX US L3Harris Technologies Inc United States Industrials 0.1099
HSBA LN Hsbc Holdings Plc Britain Financials 0.3926914
HSE CN Husky Energy Inc Canada Energy 0.00207732
HSIC US Henry Schein Inc United States Health Care 0.0212296
HSY US Hershey Foods Corp United States Consumer Staples 0.057366600000000004
HTO GA Hellenic Telecommunications Organization Sa (Ote) Greece Communication Services 0.009933240000000001
HUM US Humana Inc United States Health Care 0.100224
HUSQB SS Husqvarna Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.00618599
IAC US IAC/InterActiveCorp United States Communication Services 0.0312467
IAG AU Insurance Australia Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.0240997
IAG LN International Consolidated Airlines Group Sa Britain Industrials 0.0124401
IBE SM Iberdrola Sa Spain Utilities 0.18630739999999998
IBKR US Interactive Brokers Group A United States Financials 0.00956833
IBM US Intl Business Machines Corp United States Information Technology 0.278758
ICA SS Ica Gruppen Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 0.0130351
ICE US Intercontinental Exchange Inc United States Financials 0.1328782
ICL IT Israel Chemical Corp Israel Materials 0.0073022799999999995
IDXX US Idexx Laboratories Inc United States Health Care 0.051445899999999996
IEX US Idex Corp United States Industrials 0.0291977
IFC CN Intact Financial Corporation Canada Financials 0.0369885
IFF US Intl Flavors & Fragrances United States Materials 0.0359778
IFX GR Infineon Technologies Ag Germany Information Technology 0.0510164
IGM CN Igm Financial Inc Canada Financials 0.00440404
IHG LN Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0194312
III LN 3I Group Britain Financials 0.025093499999999998
ILD FP Iliad Sa France Communication Services 0.00689373
ILMN US Illumina Inc United States Health Care 0.1170159
IMB LN Imperial Brands Plc Britain Consumer Staples 0.0445859
IMO CN Imperial Oil Ltd Canada Energy 0.0068667500000000005
INCY US Incyte Corp United States Health Care 0.0453588
INDUC SS Industrivarden Ab C Sweden Financials 0.017096200000000002
INF LN Informa Plc Britain Communication Services 0.0184375
INFO US IHS Markit Ltd Britain Industrials 0.062962
ING FP Ingenico Group France Information Technology 0.0201493
INGA NA Ing Groep Nv Netherlands Financials 0.0680155
INTC US Intel Corp United States Information Technology 0.6447644
INTU US Intuit Inc United States Information Technology 0.1729454
INVEB SS Investor Ab B Sweden Financials 0.06936
INVP LN Investec Britain Financials 0.00372805
IP US Intl Paper Co United States Materials 0.0380632
IPG US Interpublic Group Cos United States Communication Services 0.015971700000000002
IPL CN Inter Pipeline Ltd. Canada Energy 0.007497190000000001
IPN FP Ipsen France Health Care 0.0058314199999999995
TT US Trane Technologies plc United States Industrials 0.0593473
ISP IM Intesa Sanpaolo Italy Financials 0.0811462
ISRG US Intuitive Surgical Inc United States Health Care 0.150389
ISS DC Iss Group Denmark Industrials 0.00586262
IT US Gartner Inc United States Information Technology 0.0243966
ITRK LN Intertek Group Plc Britain Industrials 0.027673999999999997
ITV LN Itv Plc Britain Communication Services 0.00883887
ITW US Illinois Tool Works Inc United States Industrials 0.1200523
ITX SM Inditex Sa Spain Consumer Discretionary 0.0850807
JBHT US Hunt J.B. Transport Services United States Industrials 0.022545700000000002
JCNC SP Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore Consumer Discretionary 0.004161590000000001
JMAT LN Johnson Matthey Britain Materials 0.0139798
JMT PL Jeronimo Martins & Filito Sgps Portugal Consumer Staples 0.0128928
JNJ US Johnson & Johnson United States Health Care 1.0396775
JNPR US Juniper Networks Inc United States Information Technology 0.0191786
JPM US Jp Morgan Chase & Co United States Financials 0.8443045
K US Kellogg Co United States Consumer Staples 0.0458993
KBC BB Kbc Group Nv Belgium Financials 0.0463399
KEP SP Keppel Corp Ltd Singapore Industrials 0.017149400000000002
KER FP Kering France Consumer Discretionary 0.1098782
KEY CN Keyera Corp. Canada Energy 0.0067557400000000005
KEY US Keycorp United States Financials 0.0293191
KGF LN Kingfisher Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0102825
KGX GR Kion Group Ag Germany Industrials 0.008360399999999999
KHC US The Kraft Heinz Company United States Consumer Staples 0.0474418
KINVB SS Kinnevik AB - B Sweden Financials 0.011584899999999999
KLAC US KLA Corporation United States Information Technology 0.0587979
KMB US Kimberly-Clark United States Consumer Staples 0.13285059999999999
KMI US Kinder Morgan Inc United States Energy 0.07913300000000001
KMX US Carmax Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0237922
KN FP Natixis France Financials 0.00830668
KNEBV FH Kone Corp B Finland Industrials 0.0713433
KNIN SW Kuehne & Nagel Intl Ag-Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.0213781
KO US Coca-Cola Co United States Consumer Staples 0.48680490000000004
KPN NA Koninklijke Kpn Nv Netherlands Communication Services 0.0273912
KR US Kroger Co United States Consumer Staples 0.0836638
KSP ID Kingspan Group Plc Ireland Industrials 0.0225061
KSU US Kansas City Southern Inc United States Industrials 0.034322200000000004
KYG ID Kerry Group A Ireland Consumer Staples 0.055483500000000005
L CN Loblaw Companies Ltd Canada Consumer Staples 0.0264049
L US Loews Corp United States Financials 0.025447499999999998
LATOB SS Latour Investment Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.0052156600000000004
LDO IM Leonardo S.p.a. Italy Industrials 0.0066866799999999995
LEG GR Leg Immobilien Ag Germany Real Estate 0.0213906
LEN US Lennar Corp A United States Consumer Discretionary 0.032149199999999996
LGEN LN Legal & General Group Britain Financials 0.036190099999999996
LH US Lab Corp Of America Hldgs United States Health Care 0.0343227
LHA GR Deutsche Lufthansa AG Germany Industrials 0.0156492
LHN SW Lafargeholcim Ltd Switzerland Materials 0.0538105
LKQ US Lkq Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.016468200000000002
LLOY LN Lloyds Banking Group Plc Britain Financials 0.0873263
LLY US Eli Lilly & Co United States Health Care 0.33884990000000004
LMT US Lockheed Martin United States Industrials 0.25380899999999995
LNC US Lincoln National Corp United States Financials 0.0109636
LNG US Cheniere Energy Inc United States Energy 0.0286999
LNT US Alliant Energy Corp United States Utilities 0.032804
LONN SW Lonza Ag Switzerland Health Care 0.0844316
LOW US Lowe'S Cos Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.1673078
LR FP Legrand Promesses France Industrials 0.0480453
LRCX US Lam Research Corp United States Information Technology 0.0899547
LSE LN London Stock Exchange Plc Britain Financials 0.0756281
LULU US Lululemon Athletica Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.061587899999999994
LUMI IT Bank Leumi Le-Israel Bm Israel Financials 0.0238874
LUN DC H Lundbeck A/S Denmark Health Care 0.0059892899999999995
LUNDB SS Lundbergs Ab-B Shs Sweden Financials 0.00911882
LUPE SS Lundin Petroleum A Sweden Energy 0.00947581
LUV US Southwest Airlines Co United States Industrials 0.048913500000000006
LVS US Las Vegas Sands United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0467824
LXS GR Lanxess Ag Germany Materials 0.00933437
LYB US Lyondellbasell Industries N.V. United States Materials 0.0354829
MA US Mastercard Inc A United States Information Technology 0.6153999
MAERSKB DC Ap Moller - Maersk As B Denmark Industrials 0.0246363
MAP SM Mapfre Sa Spain Financials 0.00497257
MAR US Marriott Intl A United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0660154
MAS US Masco Corp United States Industrials 0.026923000000000002
MB IM Mediobanca Spa Italy Financials 0.011005099999999999
MC FP Lvmh-Moet Vuitton France Consumer Discretionary 0.2925098
MCD US Mcdonald'S Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.3641043
MCHP US Microchip Technology Inc United States Information Technology 0.046992
MCK US Mckesson Corp United States Health Care 0.0727311
MCO US Moody'S Corp United States Financials 0.0931007
MCRO LN Micro Focus International Britain Information Technology 0.00544092
MDLZ US Mondelez International Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.2041875
MDT US Medtronic Plc United States Health Care 0.34146659999999995
METSO FH Metso OYJ Finland Industrials 0.00900131
MET US Metlife Inc United States Financials 0.0624279
MF FP Wendel France Financials 0.00693587
MFC CN Manulife Financial Corp Canada Financials 0.060749700000000004
MG CN Magna International Inc Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.02404
MGGT LN Meggitt Britain Industrials 0.00747592
MGM US Mgm Resorts International United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0147563
MOWI NO MOWI ASA Norway Consumer Staples 0.0222143
MHK US Mohawk Industries Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0114785
MKC US Mccormick & Co United States Consumer Staples 0.0537288
MKL US Markel Corp United States Financials 0.035595800000000004
MKS LN Marks & Spencer Group Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.00812024
ML FP Michelin Cgde B Brown France Consumer Discretionary 0.047163800000000006
MLM US Martin Marietta Materials United States Materials 0.0314298
MMC US Marsh & Mclennan Companies United States Financials 0.1323849
MMM US 3M Co United States Industrials 0.2364615
MNDI LN Mondi Plc Britain Materials 0.0235668
MNST US Monster Beverage Corp United States Consumer Staples 0.0653279
MO US Altria Group Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.2095483
MONC IM Moncler Spa Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.019394099999999997
MPC US Marathon Petroleum Corp. United States Energy 0.0404858
MPL AU Medibank Private Limited Australia Financials 0.0141743
MQG AU Macquarie Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.053837199999999995
MRK GR Merck Kgaa Germany Health Care 0.039414000000000005
MRK US Merck & Co Inc United States Health Care 0.5953361
MRO US Marathon Oil Corp United States Energy 0.00931951
MRU CN Metro Inc. Canada Consumer Staples 0.0330569
MRVL US Marvell Technology Group Ltd United States Information Technology 0.0407774
MRW LN Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets Britain Consumer Staples 0.0171868
MS US Morgan Stanley United States Financials 0.1186224
MSCI US Msci Inc United States Financials 0.0644176
MSFT US Microsoft Corp United States Information Technology 3.4363663000000004
MSI US Motorola Solutions Inc United States Information Technology 0.07665140000000001
MT NA Arcelormittal Inc Netherlands Materials 0.0170347
MTB US M&T Bank Corp United States Financials 0.0417933
MTCH US Match Group Inc. United States Communication Services 0.00873487
MTD US Mettler-Toledo Intl United States Health Care 0.051040999999999996
MTX GR Mtu Aero Engines Ag Germany Industrials 0.0249437
MU US Micron Technology Inc United States Information Technology 0.1319485
MUV2 GR Munich Re Ag Germany Financials 0.081887
MXIM US Maxim Integrated United States Information Technology 0.0390963
MYL US Mylan NV United States Health Care 0.025892899999999996
NA CN National Bank Of Canada Canada Financials 0.033019
NAB AU National Australia Bank Ltd Australia Financials 0.0886892
NBL US Noble Energy Inc United States Energy 0.00642976
NCLH US Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0061153299999999996
NCM AU Newcrest Mining Ltd Australia Materials 0.0320997
NDA SS Nordea Bank Abp Finland Financials 0.0561472
NDAQ US Nasdaq Inc United States Financials 0.030585900000000003
NEE US Nextera Energy Inc United States Utilities 0.30840839999999997
NEM US Newmont Corp United States Materials 0.1077723
NESN SW Nestle Sa Reg Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.9723482999999999
NESTE FH Neste Oyj Finland Energy 0.0351316
NFLX US Netflix Inc United States Communication Services 0.4804053
NG/ LN National Grid Plc Britain Utilities 0.1189032
NHY NO Norsk Hydro As Norway Materials 0.008855789999999999
NKE US Nike Inc B United States Consumer Discretionary 0.2756387
NN NA Nn Group N.V. Netherlands Financials 0.0250873
NOC US Northrop Grumman Corp United States Industrials 0.1456512
NOKIA FH Nokia Oyj Finland Information Technology 0.051266099999999995
NOV US National Oilwell Varco Inc United States Energy 0.0129364
NOVN SW Novartis Ag Reg Switzerland Health Care 0.6236671
NOVOB DC Novo Nordisk As B Denmark Health Care 0.2894041
NOW US Servicenow Inc. United States Information Technology 0.1590147
NSC US Norfolk Southern Corp United States Industrials 0.10492380000000001
NTAP US Netapp Inc United States Information Technology 0.0263657
NTRS US Northern Trust Corp (Il) United States Financials 0.0444402
NUE US Nucor Corp United States Materials 0.030326799999999998
NVDA US Nvidia Corp United States Information Technology 0.3852
NVR US Nvr Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.026459999999999997
NXPI US Nxp Semiconductor Nv Netherlands Information Technology 0.0677085
NXT LN Next Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0205628
NZYMB DC Novozymes As B Denmark Materials 0.029535
O2D GR Telefonica Deutschland Holding Ag Germany Communication Services 0.00671902
OCBC SP Overseas-Chinese Banking Singapore Financials 0.0742756
ONEX CN Onex Corp Subvtg Canada Financials 0.00808252
ODFL US Old Dominion Freight Line Inc United States Industrials 0.035376
OKE US Oneok Inc United States Energy 0.0281021
OMC US Omnicom Group United States Communication Services 0.035318300000000004
OMV AV Omv Ag Austria Energy 0.0115672
OR FP L'Oreal France Consumer Staples 0.19142969999999998
ORA FP Orange France Communication Services 0.07493820000000001
ORCL US Oracle Corp United States Information Technology 0.30826149999999997
ORG AU Origin Energy Ltd Australia Energy 0.014273399999999999
ORK NO Orkla As Norway Consumer Staples 0.0195358
ORLY US O'Reilly Automotive United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0649834
ORNBV FH Orion Oyj B Finland Health Care 0.0164668
ORP FP Orpea France Health Care 0.0168789
OSH AU Oil Search Ltd Australia Energy 0.00596123
OTEX CN Open Text Corp Canada Information Technology 0.0276228
OXY US Occidental Petroleum United States Energy 0.030124500000000002
PANW US Palo Alto Networks Inc. United States Information Technology 0.0470729
PARG SW Pargesa Hldgs Sa Br Switzerland Financials 0.00758265
PAYX US Paychex Inc United States Information Technology 0.05452630000000001
PCAR US Paccar Inc United States Industrials 0.0595912
BKNG US Booking Holdings Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.15903219999999998
PEG US Public Service Enterprise Grp United States Utilities 0.0628397
PEP US Pepsico Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.47503500000000004
PFE US Pfizer Inc United States Health Care 0.5293806
PFG US Principal Financial Group United States Financials 0.0215789
PG US Procter & Gamble United States Consumer Staples 0.8320321
PGHN SW Partners Group Hldg Switzerland Financials 0.03688
PGR US Progressive Corp United States Financials 0.1314467
PH US Parker-Hannifin Corp United States Industrials 0.0432493
PHIA NA Koninklijke Philips Electronics Nv (Royal Philips Electronics) Netherlands Health Care 0.1005337
PHM US Pulte Group Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.016503300000000002
PKG US Packaging Corp Of America United States Materials 0.0267385
PM US Philip Morris International United States Consumer Staples 0.3126563
PNC US Pnc Finl Services Group United States Financials 0.1262023
PNDORA DC Pandora A/S Denmark Consumer Discretionary 0.00956898
PNN LN Pennon Group Britain Utilities 0.016848500000000002
PNW US Pinnacle West Capital (Az) United States Utilities 0.0242439
POLI IT Bank Hapoalim Bm Reg Israel Financials 0.0203955
NTR CN Nutrien Ltd Canada Materials 0.0526363
POW CN Power Corporation Of Canada Canada Financials 0.0241455
PPG US Ppg Industries Inc United States Materials 0.061862400000000005
PPL CN Pembina Pipeline Corporation Canada Energy 0.0290497
PPL US Ppl Corp United States Utilities 0.0496789
PROX BB Proximus Belgium Communication Services 0.0105561
PRU LN Prudential Plc Britain Financials 0.0824794
PRU US Prudential Financial Inc United States Financials 0.0551864
PRY IM Prysmian Spa Italy Industrials 0.013516299999999998
PSN LN Persimmon Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0196443
PSON LN Pearson Britain Communication Services 0.0147146
PSPN SW Psp Swiss Property Ag Switzerland Real Estate 0.015268899999999998
PST IM Poste Italiane Spa Italy Financials 0.0111416
PSX US Phillips 66 United States Energy 0.0698898
PUB FP Publicis Groupe France Communication Services 0.019051699999999998
PXD US Pioneer Natural Resources United States Energy 0.0336652
PYPL US Paypal Holdings Inc. United States Information Technology 0.3344355
IQV US IQVIA Holdings Inc United States Health Care 0.054071299999999996
QAN AU Qantas Airways Ltd Australia Industrials 0.00635126
QBE AU Qbe Insurance Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.0205502
QCOM US Qualcomm Inc United States Information Technology 0.22901449999999998
QRVO US Qorvo Inc United States Information Technology 0.026960500000000002
QSR CN Restaurant Brands International Inc. Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.029943199999999996
RAA GR Rational Ag Germany Industrials 0.0064575399999999995
RACE IM Ferrari Nv Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.0594553
RAND NA Randstad NV Netherlands Industrials 0.013371999999999998
RB/ LN Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc Britain Consumer Staples 0.1651828
RBI AV Raiffeisen Bank International Ag Austria Financials 0.00614889
RBS LN Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Britain Financials 0.020201999999999998
TEP FP Teleperformance France Industrials 0.0362084
RCI/B CN Rogers Communications Inc B Nv Canada Communication Services 0.0442478
RCL US Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd United States Consumer Discretionary 0.013422400000000001
RCO FP Remy Cointreau Sa France Consumer Staples 0.006529000000000001
RDSA NA Royal Dutch Shell A Netherlands Energy 0.3216024
RE US Everest Re Group Ltd United States Financials 0.0177696
REA AU Rea Group Ltd Australia Communication Services 0.00708399
REC IM Recordati Spa Ord Italy Health Care 0.012274900000000002
REE SM Red Electrica Corporacion Sa Spain Utilities 0.0227168
REGN US Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc United States Health Care 0.11544470000000001
REL LN Relx Plc Britain Industrials 0.1126038
REP SM Repsol Sa Spain Energy 0.0312266
RF FP Eurazeo SE France Financials 0.0070837899999999995
RF US Regions Financial Corp United States Financials 0.0260125
RGA US Reinsurance Group Of America United States Financials 0.012487500000000002
RHC AU Ramsay Health Care Ltd Australia Health Care 0.014806500000000002
RI FP Pernod-Ricard France Consumer Staples 0.0972042
RIO AU Rio Tinto Ltd Australia Materials 0.1757342
RJF US Raymond James Financial Inc United States Financials 0.0250445
RMD US Resmed Inc United States Health Care 0.054391300000000004
RMS FP Hermes Intl France Consumer Discretionary 0.07420890000000001
RMV LN Rightmove Plc Britain Communication Services 0.0142001
RNO FP Renault Sa France Consumer Discretionary 0.0117474
ROCKB DC Rockwool Intl As B Denmark Industrials 0.006942189999999999
ROG SW Roche Hldgs Ag Ptg Genus Switzerland Health Care 0.7116062000000001
ROK US Rockwell Automation Inc United States Industrials 0.0484554
ROL US Rollins Inc United States Industrials 0.0162267
ROP US Roper Technologies Inc United States Industrials 0.0988288
ROST US Ross Stores Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0760323
RR/ LN Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc Britain Industrials 0.0268078
RSA LN Rsa Insurance Group Plc Britain Financials 0.0141398
RSG US Republic Services Inc United States Industrials 0.049554299999999996
RTN US Raytheon Co United States Industrials 0.1136991
RTO LN Rentokil Initial Britain Industrials 0.0268313
RWE GR Rwe Ag Germany Utilities 0.0456077
RY CN Royal Bank Of Canada Canada Financials 0.2576964
RYA ID Ryanair Holdings Plc Ireland Industrials 0.0337663
S32 AU South32 Limited Australia Materials 0.0165857
SAB SM Banco De Sabadell Sa Spain Financials 0.00827483
SAF FP Safran Sa France Industrials 0.0764051
SAMPO FH Sampo Oyj A Finland Financials 0.0425114
SAN FP Sanofi-Aventis France Health Care 0.2960915
SAN SM Banco Santander Sa Spain Financials 0.1231538
SAND SS Sandvik Ab Sweden Industrials 0.042949299999999996
SAP CN Saputo Inc Canada Consumer Staples 0.0172241
SAP GR Sap Se Germany Information Technology 0.3508759
SBRY LN Sainsbury (J) Britain Consumer Staples 0.0137222
SBUX US Starbucks Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.22403800000000001
SCAB SS SCA - B shares Sweden Materials 0.0176019
SCHA NO Schibsted As A Norway Communication Services 0.00838386
SCHW US Schwab Charles Corp United States Financials 0.1157874
SCMN SW Swisscom Ag Reg Switzerland Communication Services 0.0438622
SCR FP Scor Se France Financials 0.0125232
SDR LN Schroders Plc Britain Financials 0.0159446
SEBA SS Seb-Skand Enskilda Banken A Sweden Financials 0.0334366
SECUB SS Securitas Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.0100771
SEIC US Sei Investments Corp United States Financials 0.0175008
SEV FP Suez Environment Sa France Utilities 0.014927300000000001
SGE LN Sage Group Britain Information Technology 0.0234231
SGEN US Seattle Genetics Inc United States Health Care 0.0560173
SGO FP Saint-Gobain Cie De France Industrials 0.0329701
SGSN SW Sgs-Soc Gen Surveil Hldg Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.0450491
SGX SP Singapore Exchange Ltd Singapore Financials 0.0161998
SHBA SS Svenska Handelsbanken A Sweden Financials 0.039314800000000004
SHL AU Sonic Healthcare Ltd Australia Health Care 0.01977
SHW US Sherwin-Williams Co United States Materials 0.11091689999999998
SIA SP Singapore Airlines Singapore Industrials 0.007196579999999999
SIE GR Siemens Ag Germany Industrials 0.1918033
SIKA SW Sika Finanz Ag Br Switzerland Materials 0.061543299999999995
SIRI US Sirius Xm Holdings Inc United States Communication Services 0.0180501
SIVB US Svb Financial Group United States Financials 0.025542000000000002
SJM US Smucker J.M. Co United States Consumer Staples 0.036730900000000004
SJR/B CN Shaw Communications Inc B Canada Communication Services 0.020117799999999998
SK FP Seb Sa France Consumer Discretionary 0.0100673
SKAB SS Skanska Ab-B Sweden Industrials 0.0177995
SKFB SS Skf Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.0153946
SKG ID Smurfit Kappa Group Plc Ireland Materials 0.019028200000000002
SLA LN Standard Life Aberdeen Britain Financials 0.016924
SLB US Schlumberger Ltd United States Energy 0.065205
SLF CN Sun Life Financial Serv Canada Canada Financials 0.0489594
SLHN SW Swiss Life Reg Switzerland Financials 0.0312218
WPM CN Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. Canada Materials 0.0356232
SMDS LN Ds Smith Britain Materials 0.014552200000000001
SMIN LN Smiths Group Britain Industrials 0.014285299999999999
SN/ LN Smith & Nephew Britain Health Care 0.044697
SNA US Snap On Inc United States Industrials 0.0179653
SNPS US Synopsys Inc United States Information Technology 0.0543567
SO US Southern Co United States Utilities 0.1607645
SOLB BB Solvay Belgium Materials 0.0186779
SOON SW Sonova Holding Ag Switzerland Health Care 0.028771599999999998
SPGI US S&P Global Inc United States Financials 0.1674385
SPLK US Splunk Inc. United States Information Technology 0.0565883
SPR US Spirit Aerosystems Holdings A United States Industrials 0.0064725699999999995
SPSN SW Swiss Prime Site AG Switzerland Real Estate 0.0236868
SQ US Square Inc. A United States Information Technology 0.0444569
SRE US Sempra Energy United States Utilities 0.092392
SREN SW Swiss Re Reg Switzerland Financials 0.0584148
SRG IM Snam SpA Italy Utilities 0.0277796
SSE LN Scottish & Southern Energy Britain Utilities 0.045824000000000004
SSNC US Ss&C Technologies Holdings Inc United States Information Technology 0.0261059
ST SP Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Singapore Communication Services 0.0445554
STAN LN Standard Chartered Britain Financials 0.0460966
STE SP Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd Singapore Industrials 0.0109593
STERV FH Stora Enso Oyj R Finland Materials 0.021326599999999998
STJ LN St James'S Place Britain Financials 0.013738199999999999
EQNR NO Equinor ASA Norway Energy 0.0346406
STMN SW Straumann Ag Reg Switzerland Health Care 0.0224175
STO AU Santos Ltd Australia Energy 0.0103711
STT US State Street Corp United States Financials 0.0543967
STX US Seagate Technology United States Information Technology 0.030766399999999996
STZ US Constellation Brands Inc A United States Consumer Staples 0.06284290000000001
SU CN Suncor Energy Inc Canada Energy 0.0559366
SU FP Schneider Electric Se France Industrials 0.13545059999999998
SUN AU Suncorp Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.0200024
SVT LN Severn Trent Britain Utilities 0.0205985
SW FP Sodexo France Consumer Discretionary 0.0169735
SWEDA SS Swedbank Ab Sweden Financials 0.0356146
SWK US Stanley Black & Decker United States Industrials 0.040253000000000004
SWKS US Skyworks Solutions Inc United States Information Technology 0.0412332
SWMA SS Swedish Match Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 0.0276929
SY1 GR Symrise Ag Germany Materials 0.0369578
SYF US Synchrony Financial United States Financials 0.024895800000000003
SYK US Stryker Corp United States Health Care 0.1476895
NLOK US NortonLifeLock Inc United States Information Technology 0.0319879
SYY US Sysco Corp United States Consumer Staples 0.0590954
T CN Telus Corp Canada Communication Services 0.0623248
T US At&T Inc United States Communication Services 0.6712559
TAP US Molson Coors Beverage Co B United States Consumer Staples 0.0215655
TATE LN Tate & Lyle Britain Consumer Staples 0.0102548
TECK/B CN Teck Resources Limited Class B Sv Canada Materials 0.0112917
TD CN Toronto-Dominion Bank Canada Financials 0.21991509999999997
TDG US Transdigm Group United States Industrials 0.0496832
TEF SM Telefonica Sa Spain Communication Services 0.0705068
TEL NO Telenor Asa Norway Communication Services 0.028033399999999997
TEL US Te Connectivity Ltd. United States Information Technology 0.0610668
TEL2B SS Tele2 Ab B Sweden Communication Services 0.019525400000000002
TELIA SS Telia Co Ab Sweden Communication Services 0.029572
TEN IM Tenaris Sa Italy Energy 0.00866162
TFX US Teleflex Inc United States Health Care 0.0371873
TGT US Target Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.16050019999999998
TIF US Tiffany & Co United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0494813
TIT IM Telecom Italia Spa Italy Communication Services 0.0214629
TJX US Tjx Cos Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.1478997
TKA GR Thyssenkrupp Ag Germany Materials 0.00668727
TLS AU Telstra Corp Ltd Australia Communication Services 0.0701203
GL US Globe Life Inc United States Financials 0.019984000000000002
TMO US Thermo Fisher Scientific United States Health Care 0.3651915
TMUS US T-Mobile Us Inc United States Communication Services 0.0777514
TNET BB Telenet Group Holding Nv Belgium Communication Services 0.0052717599999999995
TPK LN Travis Perkins Britain Industrials 0.00759315
TRGP US Targa Resources Corp United States Energy 0.0055959799999999995
TRMB US Trimble Navigation Ltd United States Information Technology 0.0213951
TRN IM Terna Spa Italy Utilities 0.026549499999999997
TROW US T Rowe Price Group Inc United States Financials 0.0701422
TRP CN TC Energy Corporation Canada Energy 0.1133584
TRU US Transunion United States Industrials 0.034144299999999995
TRV US Travelers Cos Inc United States Financials 0.075089
TRYG DC Tryg A/S Denmark Financials 0.00935004
TSCO LN Tesco Britain Consumer Staples 0.0826213
TSCO US Tractor Supply Co United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0292848
TSLA US Tesla Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.2045416
TSN US Tyson Foods Inc A United States Consumer Staples 0.052035700000000004
TTWO US Take-Two Interactive Software United States Communication Services 0.0373654
TW/ LN Taylor Wimpey Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0148217
TWE AU Treasury Wine Estates Australia Consumer Staples 0.013356100000000001
TWTR US Twitter Inc United States Communication Services 0.0616288
TXN US Texas Instruments Inc United States Information Technology 0.29975219999999997
TXT US Textron Inc United States Industrials 0.016690899999999998
JCI US Johnson Controls International plc United States Industrials 0.0625865
UAL US United Airlines Holdings Inc United States Industrials 0.0171847
UBI FP Ubisoft Entertainment SA France Communication Services 0.0207378
UBSG SW UBS Group AG Switzerland Financials 0.10745329999999999
UCB BB Ucb Sa Belgium Health Care 0.0278669
UCG IM Unicredit Spa Ord Italy Financials 0.059151699999999995
UG FP Peugeot Sa France Consumer Discretionary 0.0226547
UGI US Ugi Corp United States Utilities 0.0178769
UHR SW Swatch Group Ag-B Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.0244444
UHS US Universal Health Services B United States Health Care 0.019725299999999998
ULTA US Ulta Beauty Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.026447
ULVR LN Unilever Britain Consumer Staples 0.4065346
UMI BB Umicore Belgium Materials 0.0261545
UNH US Unitedhealth Group Inc United States Health Care 0.6446029
UNP US Union Pacific Corp United States Industrials 0.26755809999999997
UOB SP United Overseas Bank Singapore Financials 0.060606099999999996
UPM FH Upm-Kymmene Oyj Finland Materials 0.04278
UPS US United Parcel Service Inc B United States Industrials 0.2158387
URI US United Rentals Inc United States Industrials 0.0171498
US IM Unipolsai Assicurazioni Spa Italy Financials 0.00428688
USB US Us Bancorp United States Financials 0.14831149999999999
UTDI GR United Internet Ag Reg Germany Communication Services 0.0112852
UTX US United Technologies Corp United States Industrials 0.2349065
UU/ LN United Utilities Group Plc Britain Utilities 0.021240500000000002
V US Visa Inc A United States Information Technology 0.8239715
VAR US Varian Medical Systems Inc United States Health Care 0.029680199999999997
VEEV US Veeva Systems Inc A United States Health Care 0.058036899999999995
VER AV Verbund Ag Austria Utilities 0.009039750000000001
VFC US Vf Corp United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0561933
VIE FP Veolia Environnement France Utilities 0.0334312
VIV FP Vivendi Sa France Communication Services 0.0548124
VLO US Valero Energy Corp United States Energy 0.0520541
VMC US Vulcan Materials Co United States Materials 0.0368646
VMW US Vmware Inc A United States Information Technology 0.0275194
VNA GR Vonovia Se Germany Real Estate 0.0803507
VOD LN Vodafone Group Britain Communication Services 0.1082167
VOE AV Voestalpine Ag Austria Materials 0.00726407
VOLVB SS Volvo Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.055531199999999996
VPK NA Vopak Nv Netherlands Energy 0.0106211
VRSK US Verisk Analytics Inc United States Industrials 0.0666497
VRSN US Verisign Inc United States Information Technology 0.052950899999999995
VRTX US Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc United States Health Care 0.1756827
BHC CN Bausch Health Cos Inc Canada Health Care 0.014133900000000001
VWS DC Vestas Wind Systems As Denmark Industrials 0.048498299999999994
VZ US Verizon Communications Inc United States Communication Services 0.7047062
WAT US Waters Corp United States Health Care 0.035465699999999996
WBA US Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.113622
WBC AU Westpac Banking Corp Australia Financials 0.1093817
WDAY US Workday Inc. A United States Information Technology 0.069899
WDC US Western Digital Corp United States Information Technology 0.030531299999999997
DEMANT DC Demant A/S Denmark Health Care 0.0068748
WDI GR Wire Card Ag Germany Information Technology 0.0359827
WEC US Wec Energy Group Inc United States Utilities 0.0768743
WEIR LN Weir Group Britain Industrials 0.00744298
WES AU Wesfarmers Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.0724668
WFC US Wells Fargo & Co United States Financials 0.3252155
WIL SP Wilmar International Singapore Consumer Staples 0.0125452
WKL NA Wolters Kluwer Nv Netherlands Industrials 0.0550284
WLTW US Willis Towers Watson Plc United States Financials 0.064625
WM US Waste Management Inc United States Industrials 0.126354
WMB US The Williams Companies Inc United States Energy 0.0459855
WMT US Walmart Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.5318126000000001
WN CN George Weston Ltd Canada Consumer Staples 0.0159423
FERG LN Ferguson PLC Britain Industrials 0.0404253
WOW AU Woolworths Group Ltd Australia Consumer Staples 0.0907563
WPL AU Woodside Petroleum Ltd Australia Energy 0.0289539
WPP LN Wpp Plc Britain Communication Services 0.0219502
EVRG US Evergy Inc United States Utilities 0.035175700000000004
WRK US Westrock Co United States Materials 0.021696
WRT1V FH Wartsila Oyj ABP Finland Industrials 0.00871416
WTB LN Whitbread Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.011071800000000001
WU US Western Union Co United States Information Technology 0.0249632
WYNN US Wynn Resorts Ltd United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0165417
XEL US Xcel Energy Inc United States Utilities 0.0873786
XLNX US Xilinx Inc United States Information Technology 0.05881839999999999
XOM US Exxon Mobil Corp United States Energy 0.4557807
XRAY US Dentsply Sirona Inc United States Health Care 0.023905899999999997
XYL US Xylem Inc United States Industrials 0.0355039
Y US Alleghany Corp (Ny) United States Financials 0.022078399999999998
YAR NO Yara International Asa Norway Materials 0.015534300000000001
YUM US Yum! Brands Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.057470999999999994
ZAL GR Zalando Se Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.014778900000000001
ZBH US Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc United States Health Care 0.058374999999999996
ZION US Zions Bancorporation NA United States Financials 0.0138766
ZTS US Zoetis Inc United States Health Care 0.15769160000000002
ZURN SW Zurich Financial Services Ag Switzerland Financials 0.1441094
TEAM US Atlassian Corp Plc-Class A Britain Information Technology 0.0510136
FTV US Fortive Corp United States Industrials 0.044385799999999996
LOGN SW Logitech International Sa Switzerland Information Technology 0.0251084
TEMN SW Temenos AG Switzerland Information Technology 0.022528199999999998
FME GR Fresenius Medical Germany Health Care 0.0423984
ORSTED DC Orsted A/S Denmark Utilities 0.047923600000000004
KESKOB FH Kesko Oyj B Finland Consumer Staples 0.0136265
STM IM Stmicroelectronics Nv Switzerland Information Technology 0.037237400000000004
AMUN FP Amundi Sa France Financials 0.011209799999999999
SPX LN Spirax-Sarco Engineering Britain Industrials 0.0234446
JD/ LN Jd Sports Fashion Plc Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0059873700000000005
EVR LN Evraz Plc Britain Materials 0.0045306999999999995
MRO LN Melrose Industries Plc Britain Industrials 0.018672599999999998
CTEC LN Convatec Group Plc Britain Health Care 0.010184
ICLR US Icon Plc Ireland Health Care 0.0213847
BRE IM Brembo Spa Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.0047552
BZU IM Buzzi Unicem Spa Italy Materials 0.00489635
AKERBP NO Aker Bp Asa Norway Energy 0.0030623700000000005
SAABB SS Saab Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.00490906
COH AU Cochlear Ltd Australia Health Care 0.017754000000000002
FM CN First Quantum Minerals Ltd Canada Materials 0.00780661
257 HK China Everbright International Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.00593894
659 HK Nws Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.00551178
3320 HK China Resources Pharmaceutic Hong Kong Health Care 0.0036384300000000002
4021 JP Nissan Chemical Corp Japan Materials 0.0107566
6753 JP Sharp Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0059830000000000005
8036 JP Hitachi High-Tech Corp Japan Information Technology 0.015455100000000001
9962 JP Misumi Group Inc Japan Industrials 0.0166273
4689 JP Z Holdings Corp Japan Communication Services 0.0228099
3092 JP ZOZO Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.00292646
AIA NZ Auckland Intl Airport Ltd New Zealand Industrials 0.008943620000000001
ESSITYB SS ESSITY AKTIEBOLAG-B Sweden Consumer Staples 0.058114799999999994
LBRDK US Liberty Broadband Corp C United States Communication Services 0.052788
SCHP SW Schindler-Hldg Ag Ptg Switzerland Industrials 0.0415826
LISP SW Lindt & Sprungli Ag Ptg Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.0533589
TUI LN Tui Ag Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.00580183
QGEN US QIAGEN NV Netherlands Health Care 0.027652999999999997
UN01 GR Uniper Se Germany Utilities 0.015055299999999999
NMC LN Nmc Health Plc Britain Health Care 0.00340433
RUI FP Rubis France Utilities 0.013870700000000001
OCI NA Oci Nv Netherlands Materials 0.0030535
CLNX SM Cellnex Telecom S.A. Spain Communication Services 0.0355709
ASRNL NA Asr Nederland Nv Netherlands Financials 0.009663950000000001
1038 HK CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Utilities 0.012150999999999999
WCN US Waste Connections Inc Canada Industrials 0.0676568
3938 JP Line Corp Japan Communication Services 0.00958477
6479 JP Minebea Mitsumi Co Japan Industrials 0.0174681
2579 JP Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.0097152
4927 JP Pola Orbis Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.0049233
4912 JP Lion Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.0199777
6146 JP Disco Corp Japan Information Technology 0.0150753
B4B GR METRO AG Germany Consumer Staples 0.00437439
1997 HK WHARF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0148276
SNAP US Snap Inc United States Communication Services 0.0266736
ATUS US Altice USA Inc United States Communication Services 0.0183158
GDDY US Godaddy Inc A United States Information Technology 0.027807
VST US Vistra Energy Corp United States Utilities 0.020781900000000002
6723 JP Renesas Electronics Corp Japan Information Technology 0.00800622
DRI GR 1&1 Drillisch Germany Communication Services 0.00264449
6506 JP Yaskawa Electric Corp Japan Industrials 0.0194672
DFI SP Dairy Farm Intl Hldgs Ltd Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.00388622
SHOP CN Shopify Inc. Canada Information Technology 0.118519
6305 JP Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Industrials 0.00592171
5019 JP Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd Japan Energy 0.0151838
9435 JP Hikari Tsushin Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0103021
6383 JP Daifuku Co Japan Industrials 0.021827
4183 JP Mitsui Chemicals Inc Japan Materials 0.011641799999999999
WLN FP Worldline Sa France Information Technology 0.0189132
683 HK Kerry Properties Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.00465027
ELIS FP Elis Sa France Industrials 0.00627724
AALB NA Aalberts NV Netherlands Industrials 0.00650753
RHM GR Rheinmetall Ag Germany Industrials 0.00836307
HEN GR Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa Germany Consumer Staples 0.0625062
SPOT US SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SA Sweden Communication Services 0.0407167
1913 HK Prada Spa Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.00477534
PUM GR Puma Se Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0141402
AT1 GR AROUNDTOWN SA Germany Real Estate 0.0167166
PIRC IM PIRELLI & C SPA Italy Consumer Discretionary 0.00543952
DHER GR Delivery Hero SE Germany Consumer Discretionary 0.0326137
OCDO LN Ocado Group Plc Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.0203723
880 HK Sjm Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.00589163
GVC LN Gvc Holdings Plc Britain Consumer Discretionary 0.00818249
1313 HK China Resources Cement Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Materials 0.0075104099999999995
9143 JP SG HOLDINGS CO LTD Japan Industrials 0.0181805
4967 JP Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.0159611
ALD FP ALD SA France Industrials 0.00245089
2702 JP Mcdonald'S Hldgs Co Japan Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.00956795
TAH AU Tabcorp Hldgs Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.00976254
817 HK China Jinmao Holdings Group Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.00982852
NICE IT Nice Systems Ltd Israel Information Technology 0.025329699999999997
8439 JP Century Tokyo Leasing Corp Japan Financials 0.00550319
AFX GR Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag Germany Health Care 0.010251699999999999
HSX LN Hiscox Britain Financials 0.0111474
GN DC Gn Store Nord As Denmark Health Care 0.0159307
SOBI SS Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab Sweden Health Care 0.009121319999999999
G24 GR Scout24 Ag Germany Communication Services 0.0174955
DIA IM Diasorin Spa Italy Health Care 0.0103119
AKER NO Aker Asa A Norway Financials 0.00128877
COL AU COLES GROUP LTD Australia Consumer Staples 0.0399471
LIN US Linde plc United States Materials 0.2646138
KKR US KKR & CO INC -A United States Financials 0.033255
ADYEN NA Adyen NV Netherlands Information Technology 0.06304130000000001
DISCA US Discovery Inc A United States Communication Services 0.0292397
KBX GR Knorr-Bremse AG Germany Industrials 0.013671599999999999
AAP US Advance Auto Parts Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.017088100000000002
FTNT US Fortinet Inc United States Information Technology 0.0399922
AIBG ID AIB Group Plc Ireland Financials 0.00220039
LYV US Live Nation Entertainment Inc. United States Communication Services 0.0158213
WEED CN Canopy Growth Corp Canada Health Care 0.00870988
KEYS US Keysight Technologies Inc United States Information Technology 0.051217700000000005
DXCM US Dexcom Inc United States Health Care 0.0631196
BURL US Burlington Stores Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0300752
MTN US Vail Resorts Inc United States Consumer Discretionary 0.0192184
LW US Lamb Weston Holdings Inc United States Consumer Staples 0.022888600000000002
NRG US Nrg Energy United States Utilities 0.018989100000000002
EQH US Equitable Holdings Inc United States Financials 0.0116851
JKHY US Jack Henry & Associates Inc United States Information Technology 0.0338994
PTC US Ptc Inc United States Information Technology 0.0165657
EPIA SS EPIROC AB-A Sweden Industrials 0.027620699999999998
RRTL GR RTL Group SA Luxembourg Communication Services 0.00411241
SOF BB Sofina Belgium Financials 0.00912357
3064 JP Monotaro Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.0105137
SALM NO Salmar Asa Norway Consumer Staples 0.006198479999999999
2784 JP Alfresa Holdings Corp Japan Health Care 0.0146896
7747 JP Asahi Intecc Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.015884
2433 JP Hakuhodo Dy Holdings Japan Communication Services 0.00843206
AC CN Air Canada Canada Industrials 0.00746165