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S-Network US Large/Mid-Cap Deep Value Index

Index History

as of 08-31-2022


Top Index Constituents
as of 08-31-2022

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
CAH US Cardinal Health Inc United States 1.4273768148000001
F US Ford Motor Co United States 1.2125508604
GS US Goldman Sachs Group Inc United States 1.1554175193
BOKF US BOK Financial Corp United States 1.1476481928
GT US Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co United States 1.1394452088
JEF US Jefferies Financial Group Inc United States 1.1264613459
PFG US Principal Financial Group Inc United States 1.1237994664
PCG US PG&E Corp United States 1.1202022329
CVS US CVS Health Corp United States 1.1182432479
THO US Thor Industries Inc United States 1.1171450272