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Custom Indexing

S-Network is a prominent provider of custom indexes that incorporate standard market statistics as well as unique and highly specialized proprietary data sets derived from non-traditional sources. Their smart beta development embraces “high conviction” single-factor models as well as complex multi-factor models that incorporate one or more of 200 discrete factors in a single index. All S-Network indexes consider liquidity, investability and portfolio turnover characteristics, addressing these concerns in the design stage of development.

The Custom Index services include a full range of applications, from calculation services to co-development or full development of an investment methodology. S-Network also offers a diverse array of proprietary indexes readily available for licensing. Besides high quality research capabilities and fast turnaround times, the focus is on providing clients with reliable, personalized service.

In addition, S-Network provides full marketing support of all published indexes including press releases, email campaigns, social media distribution, CE accredited webinars (if applicable), pitch books and personalized website development, and will also partner with clients in securing financial product sponsors, if needed.