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The Chart Room

Disclaimer: To enable fair comparisons, all index values are normalized to 1000 as of the selected start date

Welcome to the S-Network Chart Room!

With this index comparison tool you can plot the performance of our benchmark indexes (and some other major benchmarks) in Price and Total Return from December 31, 1999 to the present. The indexes will be normalized such that their trendlines will meet at 1000.00 as of your selected start date.

Here's how to get started:

  • Click the "SELECT INDEXES" button to select indexes from the popup menu.
  • After selecting indexes via their checkboxes, click "COMPARE".
  • You can toggle between Price and Total Return variants of your comparison at the upper left of the chart.
  • You can narrow your date range in several ways:
    • To normalize to a preset length of time before the present, select from the dropdown immediately to the left of the "SELECT INDEXES" button.
    • To choose your own start and end dates, use the boxes to the left of the dropdown. You can quickly choose from among months within a year by clicking on the month at the top of the calendar; to select from years within a decade, click on the year at the top, and so on.
    • To zoom in on a part of the time range without normalizing, click on the plot area and drag to highlight your desired section. To then get back to the full view, click on "Show all" in the upper right.
  • To hide/unhide a trendline, click the index name at the top of the chart.
  • To view the (normalized) index value(s) for a particular date, hover over the chart area with your mouse pointer.