S-Network Global Water Works Index (JWW)

Index History

as of 12-20-2019


Index Constituents
as of 12-20-2019

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
CSMG3 BZ Cia Saneamento De Minas Gerais Brazil Utilities 3.0812618
AGUAS/A CI Aguas Andinas S.A. Chile Utilities 3.6475873
VIE FP Veolia Environnement France Utilities 9.1266177
ACE IM Acea Spa Italy Utilities 2.8251767
SEV FP Suez Environment Sa France Utilities 4.0015602
HER IM Hera Spa Italy Utilities 3.9734229
PNN LN Pennon Group Britain Utilities 4.3398954
SVT LN Severn Trent Britain Utilities 4.7775655
UU/ LN United Utilities Group Plc Britain Utilities 5.1911539
855 HK China Water Affairs Group Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 1.9829476
371 HK Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. China Utilities 3.8960751
MWC PM Manila Water Co Inc Philippines Utilities 0.5362971999999999
SCI SP Sembcorp Industries Singapore Industrials 3.904937
TTW TB Ttw Pcl Thailand Utilities 1.9208867
CWCO US Consolidated Water Co Ltd United States Utilities 0.7622587000000001
CWT US California Water Services Group United States Utilities 3.8793076
AWR US American States Water Co United States Utilities 3.9063524000000003
ARTNA US Artesian Resources Corp A United States Utilities 0.9084969
YORW US York Water Co United States Utilities 1.8465382999999997
MSEX US Middlesex Water Co United States Utilities 3.1813701
WTR US Aqua America Inc United States Utilities 6.1711507
SJW US SJW Group United States Utilities 3.8751641
AWK US American Water Works Co Inc United States Utilities 13.620775700000001
CDZI US Cadiz Inc United States Utilities 0.8386124
SBSP3 BZ Cia Saneamento Basico De Sp Brazil Utilities 3.8730579
EASTW TB Eastern Water Resources Dev Thailand Utilities 0.5502388
IAM CI Inversiones Aguas Metropolitanas Sa Chile Utilities 1.3489806
WAAS US Aquaventure Holdings Ltd United States Utilities 1.3277708
1853 HK Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Company Limited Class H China Utilities 0.050940700000000005
WHAUP TB WHA Utilities and Power PCL Thailand Utilities 0.6535992