S-Network Global Water Index (JGI)

Index History

as of 12-20-2019


Index Constituents
as of 12-20-2019

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
GEBN SW Geberit Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 6.1992771
UPONOR FH Uponor Corporation Finland Industrials 1.0226374999999999
AALB NA Aalberts NV Netherlands Industrials 1.8621211
270 HK Guangdong Investment Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 1.8396374
6361 JP Ebara Corp Japan Industrials 1.8152304000000001
6370 JP Kurita Water Industries Japan Industrials 1.8899751
6788 JP Nihon Trim Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.28524330000000003
021240 KS Woongjin Coway Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Discretionary 1.9127636
034020 KS Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.8579857999999999
CEWL SP China Everbright Water Ltd China Utilities 0.2813267
BMI US Badger Meter Inc United States Information Technology 1.8928938999999998
PICO US Pico Holdings Inc United States Industrials 0.3403127
FELE US Franklin Electric Co United States Industrials 1.8293681
GRC US Gorman-Rupp Co The United States Industrials 1.1694632
IEX US Idex Corp United States Industrials 3.9487400999999998
ITRI US Itron Inc United States Information Technology 1.8199383999999998
LNN US Lindsay Corporation United States Industrials 1.5615898
TTEK US Tetra Tech Inc United States Industrials 1.8364114
WTS US Watts Industries Inc A United States Industrials 1.8416429
MWA US Mueller Water Products United States Industrials 1.823071
XYL US Xylem Inc United States Industrials 4.2993778
AEGN US Aegion Corp. United States Industrials 1.0748583
PNR US Pentair Plc United States Industrials 2.3234221
HDS US Hd Supply Holdings Inc United States Industrials 2.0900493
CSMG3 BZ Cia Saneamento De Minas Gerais Brazil Utilities 1.5574598
AGUAS/A CI Aguas Andinas S.A. Chile Utilities 1.8437156
VIE FP Veolia Environnement France Utilities 4.6131556
ACE IM Acea Spa Italy Utilities 1.4280186000000001
SEV FP Suez Environment Sa France Utilities 2.0226354
HER IM Hera Spa Italy Utilities 2.008413
PNN LN Pennon Group Britain Utilities 2.1936509
SVT LN Severn Trent Britain Utilities 2.4148763
UU/ LN United Utilities Group Plc Britain Utilities 2.6239294
855 HK China Water Affairs Group Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 1.002304
371 HK Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. China Utilities 1.9693167
MWC PM Manila Water Co Inc Philippines Utilities 0.27107770000000003
SCI SP Sembcorp Industries Singapore Industrials 1.9737959999999999
TTW TB Ttw Pcl Thailand Utilities 0.9709346000000001
CWCO US Consolidated Water Co Ltd United States Utilities 0.3852926
CWT US California Water Services Group United States Utilities 1.9608413000000002
AWR US American States Water Co United States Utilities 1.9745115
ARTNA US Artesian Resources Corp A United States Utilities 0.45921039999999996
YORW US York Water Co United States Utilities 0.9333543999999999
MSEX US Middlesex Water Co United States Utilities 1.6080607
WTR US Aqua America Inc United States Utilities 3.1192802
SJW US SJW Group United States Utilities 1.958747
AWK US American Water Works Co Inc United States Utilities 6.8847802
6368 JP Organo Corp Japan Industrials 0.6122124
ERII US Energy Recovery Inc. United States Industrials 0.5308883
CDZI US Cadiz Inc United States Utilities 0.4238864
AQUA US EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES CO United States Industrials 1.8110696
008970 KS DONG YANG STEEL PIPE CO LTD South Korea Materials 0.131857
000970 KS Korea Cast Iron Pipe Industry Co. Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.1123951
SBSP3 BZ Cia Saneamento Basico De Sp Brazil Utilities 1.9576824
EASTW TB Eastern Water Resources Dev Thailand Utilities 0.2781246
IAM CI Inversiones Aguas Metropolitanas Sa Chile Utilities 0.6818580000000001
WAAS US Aquaventure Holdings Ltd United States Utilities 0.6711372999999999
PET AU Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ltd Australia Industrials 0.4380723
WHAUP TB WHA Utilities and Power PCL Thailand Utilities 0.3303694
1853 HK Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Company Limited Class H China Utilities 0.025748600000000003