S-Network Benchmark Indexes

Index History

as of 12-20-2019


Index Constituents
as of 12-20-2019

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
ERICB SS Ericsson L.M. Telefonaktie B Sweden Information Technology 4.9441736
ATCOA SS Atlas Copco Ab A Sweden Industrials 7.2923531
VOLVB SS Volvo Ab B Sweden Industrials 5.2649606
INVEB SS Investor Ab B Sweden Financials 5.3967972
ASSAB SS Assa Abloy B Sweden Industrials 4.274255200000001
ESSITYB SS ESSITY AKTIEBOLAG-B Sweden Consumer Staples 3.6928663999999998
SAND SS Sandvik Ab Sweden Industrials 3.9330592999999996
SHBA SS Svenska Handelsbanken A Sweden Financials 3.0129645
SWEDA SS Swedbank Ab Sweden Financials 2.4722533
SEBA SS Seb-Skand Enskilda Banken A Sweden Financials 2.754375
SPOT US SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SA Sweden Communication Services 2.6972051
HEXAB SS Hexagon Ab Sweden Information Technology 2.8405442
HMB SS Hennes & Mauritz Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 2.8712768
TELIA SS Telia Co Ab Sweden Communication Services 2.0585058
EPIA SS EPIROC AB-A Sweden Industrials 2.2725618
BOL SS Boliden Ab Sweden Materials 1.3070737000000001
SWMA SS Swedish Match Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 1.5753335
ALV US Autoliv Inc Sweden Consumer Discretionary 1.2208153
ELUXB SS Electrolux Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 1.1499749
TEL2B SS Tele2 Ab B Sweden Communication Services 1.3194407
SKAB SS Skanska Ab-B Sweden Industrials 1.4795608
SKFB SS Skf Ab B Sweden Industrials 1.4404919999999999
ALFA SS Alfa Laval Ab Sweden Industrials 1.3751245
KINVB SS Kinnevik AB - B Sweden Financials 1.0824147
LUPE SS Lundin Petroleum A Sweden Energy 1.1430579
SCAB SS SCA - B shares Sweden Materials 1.1575769
INDUC SS Industrivarden Ab C Sweden Financials 1.2114407
NIBEB SS Nibe Industrier Ab B Sweden Industrials 1.1186284
SECUB SS Securitas Ab B Sweden Industrials 1.0087834
CAST SS Castellum Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.9692053
EKTAB SS Elekta B Sweden Health Care 0.8679645999999999
TRELB SS Trelleborg Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.8036667000000001
SOBI SS Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab Sweden Health Care 0.5952881999999999
FABG SS Fabege Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.792547
HUSQB SS Husqvarna Ab B Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.6387826
ICA SS Ica Gruppen Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 0.7756774
BALDB SS Fastighets Ab Bald Sweden Real Estate 0.8121394000000001
SSABA SS Ssab Ab Sweden Materials 0.5296730000000001
SAABB SS Saab Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.5077339999999999
LOOMB SS Loomis Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.5606116999999999
INDT SS Indutrade Ab Sweden Industrials 0.5671235
GETIB SS Getinge Ab Sweden Health Care 0.728981
AAK SS Aak Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 0.5911457999999999
DOM SS Dometic Group Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.5358142
VNE US VEONEER INC Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.28869659999999997
LUNDB SS Lundbergs Ab-B Shs Sweden Financials 0.5884447
BILL SS Billerudkorsnas Ab Sweden Materials 0.38224199999999997
INTRUM SS Intrum AB Sweden Industrials 0.3590257
HOLMB SS Holmen Ab B Sweden Materials 0.5585574999999999
HPOLB SS Hexpol Ab Sweden Materials 0.4567657
THULE SS Thule Group Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.3895259
AXFO SS Axfood Ab Sweden Consumer Staples 0.42441529999999994
HUFVA SS Hufvudstaden Ab A Sweden Real Estate 0.4140329
EVO SS Evolution Gaming Group Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.6766252
LIFCOB SS Lifco Ab Sweden Industrials 0.5009062
EMBRACB SS Embracer Group AB Sweden Communication Services 0.3741132
LATOB SS Latour Investment Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.3660038
WIHL SS Wihlborgs Fastigheter Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.444736
PEABB SS Peab Ab Sweden Industrials 0.3567575
BRAV SS Bravida Holding Ab Sweden Industrials 0.353869
WALLB SS Wallenstam Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.3797203
SWECB SS Sweco B Sweden Industrials 0.48820790000000003
PDX SS Paradox Interactive Ab Sweden Communication Services 0.29617129999999997
HEMF SS Hemfosa Fastigheter Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.38418189999999997
SAGAD SS Sagax AB Sweden Real Estate 0.41137429999999997
KLED SS Kungsleden Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.3373837
NCCB SS Ncc Ab Cl B Sweden Industrials 0.26752339999999997
PNDXB SS Pandox Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.36804
KLOVB SS Klovern Ab B Sweden Real Estate 0.34426439999999997
VITR SS Vitrolife Ab Sweden Health Care 0.2276324
AFB SS AF POYRY AB Sweden Industrials 0.3790545
BEIJB SS BEIJER REF AB Sweden Industrials 0.3662337
BONAVB SS Bonava Ab-B Shares Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.1720188
JM SS Jm Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.2876482
AZA SS Avanza Holding Bank Ab Sweden Financials 0.2075286
NOLAB SS Nolato Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.190319
RESURS SS Resurs Holding Ab Sweden Financials 0.1646007
ATRLJB SS Ljungberggruppen Ab B Sweden Real Estate 0.2123845
NOBI SS Nobia Ab Sweden Consumer Discretionary 0.13290649999999998
HEMB SS Hembla Sweden Real Estate 0.1197441
RATOB SS Ratos Ab B Sweden Financials 0.13114209999999998
ADDTB SS Addtech Ab B Sweden Industrials 0.3446986
NENTB SS NORDIC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP-B Sweden Communication Services 0.3904221
EQT SS EQT AB Sweden Financials 1.5024151
SBBB SS Samhallsbyggnadsbolaget I Norden AB Sweden Real Estate 0.3169509
MYCR SS Mycronic Ab Sweden Information Technology 0.2505814
CATE SS Catena Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.1853615
BURE SS Bure Equity Ab Sweden Financials 0.1912016
SINCH SS Clx Communications Ab Sweden Information Technology 0.1687061
SECTB SS Sectra Ab B Share Sweden Health Care 0.11164650000000001
FPARA SS Fast Partner Ab Sweden Real Estate 0.0909952
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