S-Network Benchmark Indexes

Index History

as of 09-20-2019


Index Constituents
as of 09-20-2019

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
000100 KS Yuhan Corp South Korea Health Care 0.1442779
000120 KS Cj Korea Express Corp South Korea Industrials 0.12358580000000001
000150 KS Doosan Corp South Korea Industrials 0.1173011
000210 KS Daelim Industrial Co South Korea Industrials 0.1966541
000880 KS Han Wha Co South Korea Industrials 0.1221684
001450 KS Hyundai Fire & Marine Ins South Korea Financials 0.11106600000000001
002380 KS Kcc Corp South Korea Industrials 0.09795369999999999
003490 KS Korean Air Lines Co South Korea Industrials 0.098071
004170 KS Shinsegae Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.13296449999999999
004990 KS Lotte Corp South Korea Industrials 0.1379009
005830 KS DB Insurance Co Ltd South Korea Financials 0.1794155
005940 KS Nh Investment & Securities Co/ New South Korea Financials 0.1459859
007070 KS Gs Retail Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Staples 0.0786848
007310 KS Ottogi Corp South Korea Consumer Staples 0.0967761
008560 KS Meritz Securities South Korea Financials 0.10861090000000001
008770 KS Hotel Shilla South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.19894689999999998
008930 KS Hanmi Science Co Ltd South Korea Health Care 0.0936387
009830 KS Hanwha Chemical Corp South Korea Materials 0.1373488
010060 KS Oci Company Ltd South Korea Materials 0.0908406
010140 KS Samsung Heavy Industries South Korea Industrials 0.2840317
011070 KS Lg Innotek Co South Korea Information Technology 0.1056714
011780 KS Kumho Petro Chemical Co Ltd South Korea Materials 0.10878439999999999
012750 KS S-1 Corporation South Korea Industrials 0.1232409
016360 KS Samsung Secs Co South Korea Financials 0.165546
028050 KS Samsung Engineering Co Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.19188829999999998
028670 KS Pan Ocean Co Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.0679018
029780 KS Samsung Card South Korea Financials 0.06441619999999999
036460 KS Korea Gas Corp South Korea Utilities 0.1250377
047040 KS Daewoo Engineering & Construction South Korea Industrials 0.0697551
047050 KS Posco International Corp South Korea Industrials 0.06483370000000001
047810 KS Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.28772020000000004
069960 KS Hyundai Dept Store South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.0941572
071050 KS Korea Investment Holdings Co Ltd South Korea Financials 0.22658230000000001
086900 KS Medy-Tox Inc South Korea Health Care 0.1115283
1076 HK Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.0866295
1102 TT Asia Cement Corp Taiwan Materials 0.2642937
1208 HK Mmg Ltd. Hong Kong Materials 0.0478009
123 HK Yuexiu Property Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.12182479999999998
127 HK Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0303982
128940 KS Hanmi Pharm Co Ltd South Korea Health Care 0.1257426
138930 KS Bnk Financial Group Inc South Korea Financials 0.1427753
1402 TT Far Eastern New Century Corporation Taiwan Industrials 0.31565400000000005
142 HK First Pacific Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.0828933
1476 TT Eclat Textile Co Ltd Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.2318057
148 HK Kingboard Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Information Technology 0.1583059
165 HK China Everbright Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.0898243
1721 JP Comsys Holdings Corp Japan Industrials 0.3030854
179 HK Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.054626999999999995
1808 JP Haseko Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2994781
1824 JP Maeda Corp Japan Industrials 0.1226546
1860 JP Toda Corp Japan Industrials 0.1268915
1881 JP Nippo Corporation Japan Industrials 0.08090270000000001
1888 HK Kingboard Laminates Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Information Technology 0.061962699999999996
1910 HK Samsonite International Sa Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.27241119999999996
1911 JP Sumitomo Forestry Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.195868
1944 JP Kinden Corp Japan Industrials 0.1885547
1959 JP Kyudenko Corp Japan Industrials 0.1570159
1963 JP Jgc Corp Japan Industrials 0.27505419999999997
200 HK Melco International Development Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.12404420000000001
2121 JP Mixi Inc Japan Communication Services 0.07848240000000001
2127 JP Nihon M&A Center Inc Japan Industrials 0.3378587
2181 JP PERSOL HOLDINGS CO LTD Japan Industrials 0.3262292
2201 JP Morinaga & Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.2204002
2206 JP Ezaki Glico Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.21415779999999998
2212 JP Yamazaki Baking Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.28073149999999997
2229 JP Calbee Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.2372041
2296 JP Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.09942770000000001
2301 TT Lite-On Technology Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.2881167
2324 TT Compal Electronics Inc Taiwan Information Technology 0.2072171
2327 JP Ns Solutions Corp Japan Information Technology 0.09912670000000001
2347 TT Synnex Tech Intl Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.1394782
2354 TT Foxconn Technology Co Ltd Taiwan Information Technology 0.17999579999999998
2356 HK Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd. Hong Kong Financials 0.0440231
2356 TT Inventec Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.1915578
2371 JP Kakaku.Com Inc Japan Communication Services 0.2802227
2377 TT Micro Star Intl Co Taiwan Information Technology 0.1758549
2380 HK China Power International Development Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.080616
2409 TT Au Optronics Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.2081009
241560 KS Doosan Bobcat Inc South Korea Industrials 0.0863062
2432 JP Dena Co Japan Communication Services 0.1726581
2501 JP Sapporo Holdings Ltd. Japan Consumer Staples 0.1664064
2531 JP Takara Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.1675745
2593 JP Ito En Japan Consumer Staples 0.31261639999999996
2618 TT Eva Airways Corp Taiwan Industrials 0.0890932
2670 JP Abc-Mart Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.171427
2768 JP Sojitz Corp Japan Industrials 0.3168061
2782 JP Seria Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.100112
2809 JP Kewpie Corporation Japan Consumer Staples 0.2484425
2810 JP House Foods Group Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.2633012
2811 JP Kagome Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.17898
2815 JP Ariake Japan Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.1290926
2823 TT China Life Insurance Taiwan Financials 0.2292902
2871 JP Nichirei Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.2670321
2875 JP Toyo Suisan Kaisha Japan Consumer Staples 0.3663971
2883 TT China Development Financial Co Taiwan Financials 0.3614018
2888 TT Shin Kong Financial Hdlgs Taiwan Financials 0.2906839
2890 TT Sinopac Financial Holdings Co Taiwan Financials 0.3499767
303 HK Vtech Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Information Technology 0.1384033
3034 TT Novatek Microelectronics Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.290126
3086 JP J Front Retailing Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.277165
3088 JP Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.2815021
3099 JP Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2571482
3116 JP Toyota Boshoku Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.10581460000000001
3141 JP Welcia Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.21869989999999997
3197 JP Skylark Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.3058456
3231 JP Nomura Real Estate Holdings Japan Real Estate 0.23587149999999998
3231 TT Wistron Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.1983697
3289 JP Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corp Japan Real Estate 0.3309615
3349 JP Cosmos Pharmaceutical Japan Consumer Staples 0.1804177
3360 HK Far East Horizon Ltd Hong Kong Financials 0.1749563
3401 JP Teijin Japan Materials 0.3286896
3436 JP Sumco Corp Japan Information Technology 0.273727
3481 TT Innolux Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.1840613
3591 JP Wacoal Holdings Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.14275659999999998
3626 JP TIS Inc Japan Information Technology 0.40012650000000005
363 HK Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.0713545
3635 JP Koei Tecmo Holdings Co Ltd Japan Communication Services 0.0849683
3702 TT Wpg Holdings Taiwan Information Technology 0.16930219999999999
3765 JP Gungho Online Entertainment Japan Communication Services 0.0925871
3769 JP Gmo Payment Gateway Inc Japan Information Technology 0.25103119999999995
3863 JP Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd Japan Materials 0.1536822
4004 JP Showa Denko Kk Japan Materials 0.334007
4042 JP Tosoh Corp Japan Materials 0.3800256
4061 JP Denka Co Ltd Japan Materials 0.2133452
4062 JP Ibiden Co Japan Information Technology 0.22764890000000002
4088 JP Air Water Inc Japan Materials 0.2963958
4114 JP Nippon Shokubai Co Ltd Japan Materials 0.1805603
4118 JP Kaneka Corp Japan Materials 0.1774877
4182 JP Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co Japan Materials 0.2466678
4185 JP Jsr Corp Japan Materials 0.2863714
4202 JP Daicel Corp Japan Materials 0.21434650000000002
4205 JP Zeon Corp Japan Materials 0.2094507
4208 JP Ube Industries Japan Materials 0.1857587
4272 JP Nippon Kayaku Co Japan Materials 0.17054850000000002
4403 JP Nof Corp Japan Materials 0.2177516
4516 JP Nippon Shinyaku Co Japan Health Care 0.4366061
4521 JP Kaken Pharmaceutical Japan Health Care 0.153559
4527 JP Rohto Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.25633829999999996
4540 JP Tsumura & Co Japan Health Care 0.1364838
4555 JP Sawai Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.1877384
4631 JP Dic Corp Japan Materials 0.1863068
4666 JP Park 24 Co Japan Industrials 0.222046
4676 JP Fuji Media Holdings Inc Japan Communication Services 0.24980979999999997
4681 JP Resorttrust Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1282505
4733 JP Obic Business Consultants Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.0645516
4902 JP Konica Minolta Inc Japan Information Technology 0.3173085
4958 TT Zhen Ding Technology Holding Ltd Taiwan Information Technology 0.1753912
5101 JP Yokohama Rubber Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2348203
5105 JP Toyo Tire Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1302193
5110 JP Sumitomo Rubber Industries Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1849472
5214 JP Nippon Electric Glass Japan Information Technology 0.1690224
5233 JP Taiheiyo Cement Corp Japan Materials 0.297665
5406 JP Kobe Steel Japan Materials 0.16944810000000002
5463 JP Maruichi Steel Tube Japan Materials 0.1834895
570 HK China Traditional Chinese Medicine Co Ltd Hong Kong Health Care 0.1036005
5711 JP Mitsubishi Materials Corp Japan Materials 0.31036969999999997
5714 JP Dowa Holdings Co Ltd Japan Materials 0.17020449999999998
5801 JP Furukawa Electric Co Japan Industrials 0.135235
5871 TT Chailease Holding Co Ltd Taiwan Financials 0.4493174
5901 JP Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd Japan Materials 0.2238253
5929 JP Sanwa Holdings Corp Japan Industrials 0.2260191
5947 JP Rinnai Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2458169
5991 JP Nhk Spring Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1528665
6005 JP Miura Co Japan Industrials 0.27706739999999996
604 HK Shenzhen Investment Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.0852601
606 HK China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.0580147
6113 JP Amada Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.3429727
6136 JP Osg Corp Japan Industrials 0.16157649999999998
6239 TT Powertech Technology Inc Taiwan Information Technology 0.1854707
6268 JP Nabtesco Corp Japan Industrials 0.3354627
6302 JP Sumitomo Heavy Industries Japan Industrials 0.326052
6324 JP Harmonic Drive Systems Inc Japan Industrials 0.1451339
636 HK Kerry Logistics Network Ltd Hong Kong Industrials 0.06489980000000001
6361 JP Ebara Corp Japan Industrials 0.2159902
6370 JP Kurita Water Industries Japan Industrials 0.2568624
6417 JP Sankyo Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1374704
6425 JP Universal Entertainment Cor Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0631577
6448 JP Brother Industries Japan Information Technology 0.41235259999999996
6457 JP Glory Japan Industrials 0.1557178
6460 JP Sega Sammy Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2273892
6481 JP Thk Co Japan Industrials 0.2836985
6504 JP Fuji Electric Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.3796622
6592 JP Mabuchi Motor Co Japan Industrials 0.1942274
665 HK Haitong International Security Group Hong Kong Financials 0.057348
6841 JP Yokogawa Electric Corp Japan Information Technology 0.3837892
6845 JP Azbil Corp Japan Information Technology 0.31485810000000003
6849 JP Nihon Kohden Corp Japan Health Care 0.21250840000000001
6856 JP Horiba Japan Information Technology 0.21105310000000002
6857 JP Advantest Corp Japan Information Technology 0.6759722
6952 JP Casio Computer Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.30154380000000003
7013 JP Ihi Corp Japan Industrials 0.29057839999999996
7164 JP Zenkoku Hosho Co Ltd Japan Financials 0.1735724
7167 JP Ashikaga Holdings Co Ltd Japan Financials 0.2255464
7180 JP Kyushu Financial Hds Japan Financials 0.1673587
7240 JP Nok Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.16230920000000001
7282 JP Toyoda Gosei Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1311013
7313 JP Ts Tech Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1382768
7458 JP Daiichikosho Co Ltd Japan Communication Services 0.17835990000000002
7550 JP Zensho Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1711954
7649 JP Sugi Holdings Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.17316969999999998
7735 JP Screen Holdings Co Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.249811
7846 JP Pilot Corp Japan Industrials 0.1261599
7936 JP Asics Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2639877
7947 JP Fp Corp Japan Materials 0.1441892
7956 JP Pigeon Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.4199388
7988 JP Nifco Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1877375
8 HK Pccw Ltd. Hong Kong Communication Services 0.1973901
8012 JP Nagase & Co Japan Industrials 0.1579015
8060 JP Canon Marketing Japan Inc Japan Information Technology 0.09826240000000001
8086 JP Nipro Corp Japan Health Care 0.1529972
8227 JP Shimamura Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1658607
8233 JP Takashimaya Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1644666
8252 JP Marui Group Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.3859321
8253 JP Credit Saison Co Japan Financials 0.1826888
8273 JP Izumi Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1638392
8279 JP Yaoko Co Japan Consumer Staples 0.1063555
8282 JP K'S Holdings Corp Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2057737
8283 JP Paltac Corporation Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1348281
8303 JP Shinsei Bank Ltd Japan Financials 0.238289
8304 JP Aozora Bank Ltd Japan Financials 0.2593622
8334 JP Gunma Bank Japan Financials 0.12477680000000001
8354 JP Fukuoka Financial Group Japan Financials 0.3214973
8359 JP Hachijuni Bank Japan Financials 0.1829634
8369 JP Bank Of Kyoto Japan Financials 0.2630085
8379 JP Hiroshima Bank Japan Financials 0.1383955
8382 JP Chugoku Bank Japan Financials 0.1560332
8385 JP Iyo Bank Japan Financials 0.148761
8410 JP Seven Bank Ltd Japan Financials 0.1781671
8418 JP Yamaguchi Financial Group Japan Financials 0.1526918
8464 TT Nien Made Enterprise Co Ltd Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.1179199
8570 JP Aeon Financial Service Co Ltd Japan Financials 0.1554939
8585 JP Orient Corp Japan Financials 0.1492367
8586 JP Hitachi Capital Corp Japan Financials 0.0946715
8628 JP Matsui Securities Co Ltd Japan Financials 0.0921104
8804 JP Tokyo Tatemono Co Japan Real Estate 0.2439571
8876 JP Relo Group Inc Japan Real Estate 0.2461933
8905 JP Aeon Mall Co Ltd Japan Real Estate 0.14120059999999998
9003 JP Sotetsu Holdings Inc Japan Industrials 0.2156659
9031 JP Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co Japan Industrials 0.1563771
9044 JP Nankai Electric Railway Japan Industrials 0.2612431
9045 JP Keihan Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.42314320000000005
9048 JP Nagoya Railroad Co Japan Industrials 0.5277874
9076 JP Seino Holdings Co Ltd Japan Industrials 0.1969665
9086 JP Hitachi Transport System Japan Industrials 0.11682509999999999
9101 JP Nippon Yusen Kk Japan Industrials 0.2523359
9104 JP Mitsui Osk Lines Ltd Japan Industrials 0.2757688
9142 JP Kyushu Railway Company Japan Industrials 0.43532600000000005
9301 JP Mitsubishi Logistics Corp Japan Industrials 0.15174959999999998
9364 JP Kamigumi Co Japan Industrials 0.24093420000000002
9401 JP Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Inc Japan Communication Services 0.23752700000000002
9404 JP Nippon Television Holdings Inc Japan Communication Services 0.21590789999999999
9409 JP Tv Asahi Holdings Corp Japan Communication Services 0.09178510000000001
9504 JP Chugoku Electric Power Co Inc Japan Utilities 0.35490330000000003
9507 JP Shikoku Electric Power Co Inc Japan Utilities 0.1778825
9533 JP Toho Gas Co Japan Utilities 0.3434921
9603 JP His Co Ltd Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0752864
9627 JP Ain Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.1468536
9684 JP Square Enix Holdings Co Ltd Japan Communication Services 0.3306214
9706 JP Japan Airport Terminal Co Japan Industrials 0.2696479
9719 JP Scsk Corp Japan Information Technology 0.2129293
973 HK L'Occitane International Sa Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.07023170000000001
9783 JP Benesse Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.1854526
9904 TT Pou Chen Corp Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.2745915
9910 TT Feng Tay Enterprise Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.26206290000000004
9921 TT Giant Mfg Co Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.1784798
ABC AU Adelaide Brighton Ltd Australia Materials 0.075488
ACO/X CN Atco Ltd I Nvtg Canada Utilities 0.2394983
AIR NZ Air New Zealand Ltd New Zealand Industrials 0.0785581
ALA CN Altagas Ltd. Canada Utilities 0.3597604
ALQ AU Als Ltd Australia Industrials 0.2289771
ANN AU Ansell Ltd Australia Health Care 0.2159617
ARX CN Arc Resources Ltd. Canada Energy 0.1571931
AST AU Ausnet Services Ltd Australia Utilities 0.18508439999999998
AUY US Yamana Gold Inc Canada Materials 0.2832477
AWC AU Alumina Ltd Australia Materials 0.3391478
BB CN Blackberry Limited Canada Information Technology 0.3211569
BBD/B CN Bombardier Inc. Class B Sv Canada Industrials 0.2671204
BEN AU Bendigo And Adelaide Bank Limited Australia Financials 0.32932069999999997
BEZQ IT Bezeq Israeli Telecom Corp Israel Communication Services 0.107755
BOQ AU Bank Of Queensland Ltd Australia Financials 0.230268
BSL AU Bluescope Steel Ltd Australia Materials 0.3660231
BTO CN B2Gold Corp Canada Materials 0.30034879999999997
PDL AU Pendal Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.10960570000000001
CAR AU Carsales.Com Ltd Australia Communication Services 0.19416150000000001
CCA CN Cogeco Communications Inc Canada Communication Services 0.1627921
CCJ US Cameco Corp Canada Energy 0.31996030000000003
CCL AU Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd Australia Consumer Staples 0.3152715
CD SP Comfortdelgro Corp Ltd Singapore Industrials 0.33096369999999997
CEN NZ Contact Energy Ltd New Zealand Utilities 0.32156070000000003
CGF AU Challenger Limited Australia Financials 0.2537386
DLEKG IT Delek Group Ltd Israel Energy 0.0531165
DMP AU Domino'S Pizza Enterprises Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.17421520000000001
DOO CN Brp Inc. Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.1314675
DOW AU Downer Edi Ltd Australia Industrials 0.2767134
DSCT IT Israel Discount Bank 0.1 Israel Financials 0.4292051
EFN CN Element Financial Corp. Canada Financials 0.3003184
ERF CN Enerplus Corporation Canada Energy 0.1593967
EVN AU Evolution Mining Ltd Australia Materials 0.42641349999999995
FBU NZ Fletcher Building Ltd New Zealand Materials 0.2344055
FCR CN First Capital Realty Inc Canada Real Estate 0.280277
FLT AU Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.1596673
FSV CN Firstservice Corporation Canada Real Estate 0.2919907
FTT CN Finning Intl Inc Canada Industrials 0.2445212
GEI CN Gibson Energy Inc Canada Energy 0.22028479999999998
GGR SP Golden Agri Resources Ltd Singapore Consumer Staples 0.10239960000000001
HVN AU Harvey Norman Hldgs Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.1795719
IAG CN iA Financial Corporation Inc. Canada Financials 0.41258120000000004
ILU AU Iluka Resources Ltd Australia Materials 0.19042130000000002
IPL AU Incitec Pivot Australia Materials 0.32530329999999996
IVN CN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. Canada Materials 0.1275056
JBH AU Jb Hi-Fi Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.23380620000000002
LNK AU Link Administration Holdings Limited Australia Information Technology 0.1767484
LNR CN Linamar Corp Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.1299343
LUN CN Lundin Mining Canada Materials 0.2769986
MCY NZ Mercury NZ Ltd New Zealand Utilities 0.1721978
MFG AU Magellan Financial Group Ltd Australia Financials 0.4520145
MFI CN Maple Leaf Foods Inc Canada Consumer Staples 0.1512305
MIC CN Genworth Mi Canada Inc Canada Financials 0.1268652
MLSR IT Melisron Ltd. Israel Real Estate 0.0920295
MX CN Methanex Corp Canada Materials 0.23817220000000003
MZTF IT Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd Israel Financials 0.2687275
NPI CN Northland Power Inc. Canada Utilities 0.2566804
OLAM SP Olam International Singapore Consumer Staples 0.1122508
ORA AU Orora Limited Australia Materials 0.1979573
ORI AU Orica Ltd Australia Materials 0.5059138000000001
OSB CN Norbord Inc Canada Materials 0.100722
PAAS US Pan American Silver Corp Canada Materials 0.30363629999999997
PKI CN Parkland Fuel Corporation Canada Energy 0.4126856
PTM AU Platinum Asset Management Limited Australia Financials 0.0714439
PXT CN Parex Resources Inc. Canada Energy 0.2058608
QUB AU Qube Holdings Ltd Australia Industrials 0.2735589
RBA CN Ritchie Bros Auctioneers Inc Canada Industrials 0.35542680000000004
RNW CN Transalta Renewables Inc. Canada Utilities 0.0894182
RYM NZ Ryman Healthcare Group Ltd New Zealand Health Care 0.29439000000000004
SATS SP Sats Ltd Singapore Industrials 0.2056436
SCI SP Sembcorp Industries Singapore Industrials 0.1244316
SEK AU Seek Ltd Australia Industrials 0.36466889999999996
SGR AU The Star Entertainment Group Limited Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.20677320000000002
SJ CN Stella-Jones Inc. Canada Materials 0.1580317
SMM SP Sembcorp Marine Ltd Singapore Industrials 0.0642951
SOL AU Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited Australia Energy 0.1512104
SPH SP Singapore Press Hldgs Singapore Communication Services 0.21145809999999998
SPK NZ Spark New Zealand Ltd New Zealand Communication Services 0.4312077
STH SP Starhub Singapore Communication Services 0.0486587
STN CN Stantec Inc Canada Industrials 0.2171297
STRS IT Strauss Group Israel Consumer Staples 0.1204286
SVW AU Seven Group Holdings Limited Australia Industrials 0.12192329999999998
TARO US Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Israel Health Care 0.0619353
TFII CN TFI International Inc. Canada Industrials 0.20570979999999997
TIH CN Toromont Industries Ltd Canada Industrials 0.33943829999999997
TOY CN Spin Master Corp. Sv Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.0833586
TPM AU Tpg Telecom Ltd Australia Communication Services 0.1408926
TSGI CN The Stars Group Inc. Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.3175985
UOL SP Uol Group Limited Singapore Real Estate 0.2208526
VET CN Vermilion Energy Inc. Canada Energy 0.2328211
VMS SP Venture Corp Ltd Singapore Information Technology 0.2657852
WFT CN West Fraser Timber Co Ltd Canada Materials 0.18585190000000001
WHC AU Whitehaven Coal Ltd Australia Energy 0.15231809999999998
WJA CN Westjet Airlines Ltd. Canada Industrials 0.2301279
WOR AU Worleyparsons Ltd Australia Energy 0.26056260000000003
WPK CN Winpak Ltd Canada Materials 0.0846344
WSP CN Wsp Global Inc. Canada Industrials 0.3257561
X CN Tmx Group Limited Canada Financials 0.42333
YLLG SP Yanlord Land Group Singapore Real Estate 0.0514401
NST AU Northern Star Resources Ltd Australia Materials 0.42119569999999995
2607 JP Fuji Oil Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.1452424
267250 KS Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings South Korea Industrials 0.24882680000000001
KGC US Kinross Gold Corp Canada Materials 0.5609898999999999
6088 HK FIT Hon Teng Ltd Taiwan Information Technology 0.0608494
271560 KS Orion Corp/Republic of Korea South Korea Consumer Staples 0.1573765
079440 KS Orange Life Insurance Ltd South Korea Financials 0.065716
2327 TT Yageo Corporation Taiwan Information Technology 0.1827833
2344 TT Winbond Electronic Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.1472182
1590 TT Airtac International Group Taiwan Industrials 0.1416773
2049 TT Hiwin Technologies Corp Taiwan Industrials 0.1806728
3808 HK Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hong Kong Industrials 0.0843283
136 HK Hengten Networks Group Ltd Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.026435500000000004
GOOS US CANADA GOOSE HOLDINGS INC Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.3979837
3288 JP Open House Co Ltd Japan Real Estate 0.1344659
1951 JP Kyowa Exeo Corp Japan Industrials 0.2142991
9065 JP Sankyu Inc Japan Industrials 0.2723629
MIN AU Mineral Resources Australia Materials 0.1316119
WTC AU Wisetech Global Ltd Australia Information Technology 0.3086402
SIE SP Sia Engineering Co Singapore Industrials 0.0397937
000060 KS Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance South Korea Financials 0.0625196
1308 HK Sitc International Holdings Co Ltd Hong Kong Industrials 0.1163091
590 HK Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.0797486
5021 JP Cosmo Energy Holding Japan Energy 0.1204013
CWB CN Canadian Western Bank Canada Financials 0.188876
1212 HK Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.034249299999999996
2105 TT Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.2711995
161390 KS Hankook Tire & Technology Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.1559973
9513 JP Electric Power Development Co Japan Utilities 0.356002
PSK CN Prairiesky Royalty Ltd. Canada Energy 0.2545732
5486 JP Hitachi Metals Japan Materials 0.195065
6770 JP Alps Alpine Co Ltd Japan Information Technology 0.323361
086280 KS Hyundai Glovis Co Ltd South Korea Industrials 0.19216750000000002
028300 KS Hlb Inc South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.11021130000000001
2331 JP Sohgo Security Services Co Japan Industrials 0.39226859999999997
9006 JP Keikyu Corp Japan Industrials 0.47705359999999997
VII CN Seven Generations Energy Ltd. Canada Energy 0.14978439999999998
5301 JP Tokai Carbon Co Japan Materials 0.1822298
088350 KS Hanwha Life Insurance Co Ltd South Korea Financials 0.052426
2282 JP NH Foods Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.3366489
10 HK Hang Lung Group Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.1859049
001040 KS Cj Corp South Korea Industrials 0.0950248
084990 KS Helixmith Co Ltd South Korea Health Care 0.2422461
839 HK CHINA EDUCATION GROUP HOLDIN Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.0632655
RWC AU Reliance Worldwide Corp Ltd Australia Industrials 0.1849678
017800 KS Hyundai Elevator Co South Korea Industrials 0.1058049
006360 KS Gs Engineering & Construction Corp South Korea Industrials 0.1395199
2005 HK Ssy Group Ltd Hong Kong Health Care 0.10195009999999999
9697 JP Capcom Japan Communication Services 0.27192869999999997
003410 KS Ssangyong Cement Co South Korea Materials 0.0505144
4921 JP Fancl Corp Japan Consumer Staples 0.1721133
3048 JP Bic Camera Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.0738887
282330 KS BGF retail Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Staples 0.12893860000000001
BPT AU Beach Energy Limited Australia Energy 0.2427692
1605 TT Walsin Lihwa Corp Taiwan Industrials 0.1009249
PBH CN Premium Brands Holdings Corporation Canada Consumer Staples 0.2094194
4974 JP Takara Bio Japan Health Care 0.0891601
253450 KS STUDIO DRAGON CORP South Korea Communication Services 0.0414951
9075 JP Fukuyama Transporting Co Japan Industrials 0.1301817
035760 KS CJ ENM Co Ltd South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.1291813
4938 TT Pegatron Corporation Taiwan Information Technology 0.32794999999999996
215600 KS SillaJen Inc. South Korea Health Care 0.046196
BLD AU Boral Ltd Australia Materials 0.3346805
6473 JP Jtekt Corp Japan Industrials 0.25220709999999996
078930 KS Gs Holdings Corp South Korea Energy 0.1808595
5334 JP Ngk Spark Plug Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2965547
522 HK Asm Pacific Technology Ltd. Hong Kong Information Technology 0.28184210000000004
6806 JP Hirose Electric Co Japan Information Technology 0.3253391
5938 JP Lixil Group Corporation Japan Industrials 0.4398241
9989 JP Sundrug Co Ltd Japan Consumer Staples 0.207849
7012 JP Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan Industrials 0.31253919999999996
CIX CN Ci Financial Corp Canada Financials 0.2756887
4592 JP Sanbio Co Ltd Japan Health Care 0.0968808
TOU CN Tourmaline Oil Corp Canada Energy 0.23774960000000003
TRQ CN Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd Canada Materials 0.0378061
003670 KS POSCO Chemical Co Ltd South Korea Materials 0.0847826
4385 JP Mercari Inc. Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.20070169999999998
042660 KS Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine South Korea Industrials 0.0849899
2371 TT Tatung Co Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 0.093059
7321 JP Kansai Mirai Financial Group Japan Financials 0.1065764
2492 TT Walsin Technology Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.13521539999999999
VEA AU Viva Energy Group Ltd. Australia Energy 0.1230033
8056 JP Nihon Unisys Japan Information Technology 0.22452729999999999
081660 KS Fila Korea Ltd South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.22024459999999998
1347 HK Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd Hong Kong Information Technology 0.0774229
CYBR US Cyber-Ark Software Ltd/Israel Israel Information Technology 0.342512
CWY AU Cleanaway Waste Management Australia Industrials 0.23743850000000002
CIGI CN Colliers International Group Inc. Canada Real Estate 0.2243642
8111 JP Goldwin Inc Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.2513937
6976 JP Taiyo Yuden Co Japan Information Technology 0.2570078
APT AU Afterpay Touch Group Ltd Australia Information Technology 0.3558447
030000 KS Cheil Worldwide Inc South Korea Communication Services 0.1286695
2412 JP Benefit One Inc Japan Industrials 0.113155
GC CN Great Canadian Gaming Corp Canada Consumer Discretionary 0.1527359
2379 TT Realtek Semiconductor Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.2888688
3549 JP Kusuri No Aoki Holdings Japan Consumer Staples 0.1320361
3941 JP Rengo Co Japan Materials 0.1574793
4206 JP Aica Kogyo Co Japan Industrials 0.1752581
6754 JP Anritsu Corp Japan Information Technology 0.2351265
DSG CN Descartes Systems Group Inc Canada Information Technology 0.2888762
CRON CN Cronos Group Inc Canada Health Care 0.151518
3405 JP Kuraray Co Japan Materials 0.3624979
8331 JP Chiba Bank Japan Financials 0.3445425
6923 JP Stanley Electric Co Japan Consumer Discretionary 0.3563276
3391 JP Tsuruha Holdings Inc Japan Consumer Staples 0.3658038
4530 JP Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co Japan Health Care 0.3208671
023530 KS Lotte Shopping South Korea Consumer Discretionary 0.0978877
TLRY US Tilray Inc. Canada Health Care 0.0566661
097950 KS Cj Cheiljedang Corp South Korea Consumer Staples 0.1594631
139480 KS E-Mart Co. Ltd South Korea Consumer Staples 0.163404
3038 JP Kobe Bussan Co. Ltd. Japan Consumer Staples 0.10712460000000001
SNC CN Snc - Lavalin Group Inc Canada Industrials 0.23399029999999998
IEL AU Idp Education Ltd Australia Consumer Discretionary 0.1078454
ALU AU Altium Limited Australia Information Technology 0.245888
ETO LN Entertainment One Ltd Canada Communication Services 0.24517570000000002
3998 HK Bosideng International Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 0.1155546
2834 TT Taiwan Business Bank Taiwan Financials 0.15962610000000002
NEC AU Nine Entertainment Co. Holdings Limited Australia Communication Services 0.181363
FIBI IT First Intl Bank Of Israel Israel Financials 0.117427
3633 HK Zhongyu Gas Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Utilities 0.0618027
EBO NZ Ebos Group Ltd New Zealand Health Care 0.11997030000000002
ARPT IT Airport City Ltd Israel Real Estate 0.1136184
7518 JP Net One Systems Japan Information Technology 0.1966737
CPX CN Capital Power Corp Canada Utilities 0.21574620000000003
7730 JP Mani Inc Japan Health Care 0.1485293
754 HK Hopson Development Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Real Estate 0.049990400000000004
AMOT IT Amot Investment Ltd Israel Real Estate 0.0934092
ALHE IT Aloni Hetz Properties Israel Real Estate 0.1337014
APX AU Appen Ltd Australia Information Technology 0.13457429999999998
3360 JP Ship Healthcare Holdings Japan Health Care 0.1664475
263750 KS PEARLABYSS CORP South Korea Communication Services 0.0920608
NHF AU Nib Holdings Limited Australia Financials 0.1962755
2345 TT Accton Technology Corp Taiwan Information Technology 0.2090209
180640 KS Hanjin Kal Corp South Korea Industrials 0.0535139
3331 HK Vinda International Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong Consumer Staples 0.0430129
- - - - -