S-Network Benchmark Indexes

Index History

as of 09-20-2019


Index Constituents
as of 09-20-2019

Ticker Company Name Country Sector Weight
ABBN SW Abb Ltd Switzerland Industrials 2.9348671
ADEN SW Adecco Group AG Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.6624968
ALLN SW Allreal Holding Ag Switzerland Real Estate 0.2043658
ARYN SW Aryzta Ag Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.0693329
BAER SW Julius Baer Group Switzerland Financials 0.7494877
BALN SW Baloise Hldg Reg Switzerland Financials 0.6513919
BARN SW Barry Callebaut AG Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.3487209
BCHN SW Burckhardt Compression Hldg Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.058919
BCVN SW Banque Cant Vaudoise Reg Switzerland Financials 0.1642238
BKW SW Bkw Sa Switzerland Utilities 0.108815
BOSN SW Bossard Hldg Ag Br Switzerland Industrials 0.0611709
BUCN SW Bucher Industries Ag Br Switzerland Industrials 0.1619894
CCH LN Coca-Cola Hbc Ag Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.4857836
CFR SW Richemont Cie Financiere A Br Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 2.9653582000000003
CLN SW Clariant Ag Reg Switzerland Materials 0.35167950000000003
CMBN SW Cembra Money Bank Ag Switzerland Financials 0.22105800000000003
CON SW Conzzeta Holding Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.09738229999999999
CSGN SW Credit Suisse Group Ag Switzerland Financials 2.3705703000000002
DAE SW Daetwyler Hldg Ag Br Switzerland Industrials 0.09319419999999999
DKSH SW Dksh Holding Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.119089
DOKA SW dormakaba Holding AG Switzerland Industrials 0.1465219
DUFN SW Dufry Ag Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.1785725
EFGN SW Efg International Switzerland Financials 0.0405501
EMMN SW Emmi Ag Switzerland Consumer Staples 0.1273008
EMSN SW Ems-Chemie Hldg Ag Switzerland Materials 0.3271989
FHZN SW Unique Zurich Airport Switzerland Industrials 0.2585628
FI/N SW Fischer George Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.2730749
FORN SW Forbo Hldgs Ag Reg Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.1194758
GALE SW Galenica Sante SA Switzerland Health Care 0.21228850000000002
GEBN SW Geberit Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 1.3472612
GIVN SW Givaudan Ag Switzerland Materials 1.6692633
GLEN LN Glencore Plc Switzerland Materials 2.7111601
HELN SW Helvetia Holding Ag Switzerland Financials 0.3396998
IFCN SW Inficon Holding Ag Switzerland Information Technology 0.0867965
KNIN SW Kuehne & Nagel Intl Ag-Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.5526567
LHN SW Lafargeholcim Ltd Switzerland Materials 1.8462243
LISP SW Lindt & Sprungli Ag Ptg Switzerland Consumer Staples 1.2574518
LOGN SW Logitech International Sa Switzerland Information Technology 0.5326008
LONN SW Lonza Ag Switzerland Health Care 1.9541422
MOBN SW Mobimo Hldg Ag Reg Switzerland Real Estate 0.1405194
NESN SW Nestle Sa Reg Switzerland Consumer Staples 17.7455478
NOVN SW Novartis Ag Reg Switzerland Health Care 13.9686492
OERL SW Oerlikon Corp Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.15592040000000001
PARG SW Pargesa Hldgs Sa Br Switzerland Financials 0.218493
PGHN SW Partners Group Hldg Switzerland Financials 1.0997443
PSPN SW Psp Swiss Property Ag Switzerland Real Estate 0.3911774
PWTN SW Panalpina Welttransport (Hldg) Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.1677409
ROG SW Roche Hldgs Ag Ptg Genus Switzerland Health Care 13.3250743
SCHP SW Schindler-Hldg Ag Ptg Switzerland Industrials 1.0221417
SCMN SW Swisscom Ag Reg Switzerland Communication Services 0.9519223
SFZN SW Siegfried Ltd Reg Switzerland Health Care 0.1364228
SGSN SW Sgs-Soc Gen Surveil Hldg Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.9596179
SIKA SW Sika Finanz Ag Br Switzerland Materials 1.4452141
SLHN SW Swiss Life Reg Switzerland Financials 1.2343857999999999
SOON SW Sonova Holding Ag Switzerland Health Care 0.8950975
SPSN SW Swiss Prime Site AG Switzerland Real Estate 0.5610477
SRCG SW Sunrise Communications Group Ag Switzerland Communication Services 0.19943280000000002
SREN SW Swiss Re Reg Switzerland Financials 2.4133961
STM IM Stmicroelectronics Nv Switzerland Information Technology 0.9628897000000001
STMN SW Straumann Ag Reg Switzerland Health Care 0.6569841
SUN SW Sulzer Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.1320697
SWTQ SW Schweiter Ag Br Switzerland Industrials 0.07002230000000001
TECN SW Tecan Group Ag Reg Switzerland Health Care 0.2159294
TEMN SW Temenos AG Switzerland Information Technology 0.7947571
UBSG SW UBS Group AG Switzerland Financials 3.3411756
UHR SW Swatch Group Ag-B Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.7656513
VACN SW Vat Group Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.2742791
VALN SW Valora Hldg Ag Reg Switzerland Consumer Discretionary 0.069561
VIFN SW Vifor Pharma AG Switzerland Health Care 0.5314112
VONN SW Vontobel Hldgs Ag Reg Switzerland Financials 0.1147292
WIZZ LN Wizz Air Holdings Plc Switzerland Industrials 0.12269390000000001
YPSN SW Ypsomed Hldg Ag Switzerland Health Care 0.0324955
ZURN SW Zurich Financial Services Ag Switzerland Financials 4.3130145
ALSN SW Also Holding Ag-Reg Switzerland Information Technology 0.0706149
SFSN SW Sfs Group Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.09911539999999999
IDIA SW IDORSIA LTD Switzerland Health Care 0.14814870000000002
LAND SW Landis+Gyr Group AG Switzerland Information Technology 0.16436420000000002
BOBNN SW Bobst Group Ag Switzerland Industrials 0.030076000000000002
LEHN SW Lem Hldg Sa Br Switzerland Information Technology 0.0403685
CRSP US Crispr Therapeutics Ag Switzerland Health Care 0.11141619999999999
SIGN SW SIG Combibloc Group AG Switzerland Materials 0.1662269
BEAN SW Belimo Hldg Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.1883106
INRN SW Interroll Holding Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.08503039999999999
HUBN SW Huber & Suhner Ag Reg Switzerland Industrials 0.0739662
ALC SW ALCON INC Switzerland Health Care 2.1968761
SRAIL SW Stadler Rail AG Switzerland Industrials 0.1478818
SGKN SW St Galler Kantonalbank Ag Switzerland Financials 0.089647
BEKN SW Berner Kantonalbank - Reg Switzerland Financials 0.058857400000000004
MOVE SW Medacta Group SA Switzerland Health Care 0.0391915
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